5000 Rising Star Missions Complete šŸ˜Ž Startbits Burns As Usual šŸ”„ 204K šŸŒŸ UI Update Needed šŸ”§


I'm super happy I chose to play this game somewhere in 2020... or 2021. I'm not really keeping a dear diary šŸ“‘ for these stuff. I just make what I think of as good investments. I have fun with what I've got. I don't make things complicated.

Managing crypto is easier this way. I don't want these NFTs and Play2Earn become a Work2Earn in a different form.

What's Inside Pack šŸŽ

Pack Open.png

I really like it when there's lots of Skill in NFTs. That's what I'm lacking in game. I don't want that many fans. I can find some. Right now I've got way too much ego. It used to be worse.

I've collected some instrument NFTs from Easter & 3rd Birthday. Next music lessons should give better skill stats when played.

Do't Miss This šŸ‘€

5000 Missions.png

It's easy to miss. You might find a pack just when you want one. Who knows what might be inside. That's the coolest part. It could be legendary or a special NFT that's needed for those limited time missions šŸŽ„

Keep On The Burn šŸ”„

Seriously! Don't sell Starbits. You're getting worse prices. Maybe..... at some time you'll grab a better deal on DEX. But what if you wait few days to take it slow ā³

You could get 10% or even 15% better deal for little extra work. You're helping Starbits Tokenomics while doing all that šŸ˜‡

94K Burn.png

30K Burn.png

80K Burn.png

Add 50K Button Please šŸ™

10K to 100K is a big jump. It's hard to easily earn that much playing Rising Star. I don't want cluttered UI. So what if there was a dynamic UI based on how much Starbits player has in account šŸ’”

I think it's a cool extra feature. We've already got better way to bid on missions! Let's have more small updates like this šŸ˜Š

Bid Button.png

Play ā–¶ļø Burn šŸ”„ Earn šŸ’° On Rising Star

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