I Made My Biggest Lottery Purchase Ever Using LEO On Hive Blockchain


I'm not what you call a rich person. Far from that. I'm literally working on a laptop that struggle to run Brave with more than a few tabs open. My phone has stopped getting software support from Samsung some time ago. At least I'm lucky to get Fiber connection with data caps. I don't have a real job right now. I've been looking for some remote/freelance work. I don't wanna cash out my crypto.

I Have Faith In Few Things

I've staked my money on these few things. Some of them paid off well. I don't think they are done paying off. But at least there's confirmation now. My diamond paws have been tested in battle. They have seen bloodbaths. They are veteran HODL hands now :)

I Love The Communities

There's few communities I hang around. I love the people there. They're smart, wise, tech savvy, forward thinking and keep doing so many huge things. I don't code. I don't have much money. I can't build a CUB or LEO or even a Instagram clone like https://terrive.one

But I stick around LEO, @dbuzz Blurt, Splinterlands etc. What I can do is help with a shout out or participate.

(NOT) A Lottery :)


This is a big investment for me. It's $41.634 in current prices. May not sound much if you're from a developed country. Where I stay it could be 1-2 weeks of pay for entry level position with no degree.

I'm throwing this much into a "Lottery" because it's not really a "Lottery". LEO stayed locked up. I get to participate in every upcoming draw. Prices will grow as more folks join in. It's like buying real estate. Money stays locked up and earnings come over time.

I'm Not Loosing My LEO

I can always get my LEO back by requesting it via wallet memo. LEO I send get invested in CUB. So it's a cool way to get into DeFi. @shortsegments is super knowledgeable about finance stuff. Read his stuff on https://leofinance.io/@shortsegments I can trust him to be smart with my crypto.

Transparent Weekly Reports


@nolosslottery has everything posted on Hive blockchain. All the info about the lottery can be found there or you can ask @shortsegments Prizes come like this:

  • First Prize Winner: 80 LEO
  • Second Prize Winner: 40 LEO
  • Third Prize Winner: 20 LEO

Not Financial Advise

It's just a smart move to diversify - but not too diversify. Crypto stays with LEO, CUB and probably few other good trades on https://cubdefi.com It's like a way to earn interest - same as curating with LEO. RNG will add a cool twist with surprises with big lottery wins.

I'll still give 1 financial advice: HODL

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Thank you for the mention, the compliments and for entering the No Loss Lottery! Which is exactly as you described, it’s not a lottery where your ticket price is lost, it is more of a Prize Linked Savings Account!
The size of your investment should help tip the odds in your favor.

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