Sell Online Without Website Or Coding With Stripe Payment Links


Stripe is a global leader in traditional finance. They are a pioneer in online payments. Payment Links is their newest service. What's so awesome?

  • No need to write a single line of code
  • No website/store needed
  • Fast setup
  • Pay as you go pricing

I've already posted about Stripe Inc origins and what crypto industry can learn from them. Too bad I'm having a hard time finding it. I don't keep track of my posts. Blockchain doesn't have good indexing and search. So I can't manage to find the post.


Idea as same as other Stripe products. They make it super easy for anyone with little to no technical experience get started with payments. They keep their charges simple and transparent.

Don't be shocked - These rates are a some of the best deals you'll see in traditional finance world:


What Customers Say



These are the awesome rates you get when blockchain involved. This is why I'm bettering hard on crypto. It's crazy not to make this a norm. If you can - support get notices. It'll help both businesses & customers.

Hive Pay.png

Have A Nice Day :)

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Lower limit is nice in case of hivepay is nice but upper seems a bit to much 😅