What Would AI Writer Doing Double Duty As SEO Assistant Do To Blockchain Content Publishing?


In old days (in crypto years) there were talks from @khaleelkazi on some AI writing tool and some SEO. I'm super sorry if I'm remembering things wrong - I didn't check those ancient posts before typing this post. When I saw Typli.AI - it reminded me of the old days :)

About Typli.AI

We've had AI that write content. We've had AI to help with SEO. Now we have 1 AI that's made to focus on 2 thing - Writing + SEO. It's a super symbiotic relationship for content marketing, product descriptions and all other related work.

People don't use these AI to write something too creative like a novel or poems. These are used for internet marketing & blogs from what I know.

Few Features

  • Awesome UI for writing long-form content.
  • Consistently fine tuning the AI models for better accuracy & output
  • Built-in SEO analyzer to suggest areas for SEO improvement.
  • 100+ instructions to help you get started with your writing journey




This is a real wrench in how things have been going on posting. "Original" content was a word that had lot of weight. Now we've got to ask what's original???

If you use existing assets/presets that come with a software - it's not plagiarism. If you play a game and record gameplay - that's still your footage.

I'd say in future writing some content can end up looking lot like playing a game. It's somebody else's game.... but YOUR gameplay :)

These Stuff Are Cheap!


We Have To Embrace Future At Some Point

  • I'm not using AI for my posts
  • These won't fit my style
  • Cost of AI may not payoff if you don't get enough votes
  • Could enable large scale news-like publishing on blockchain run by 1 person/small team

These are just few points. @taskmaster4450 is the guy who often talk about these futuristic tech stuff. These stuff aren't even future. They are right here with us. It's just not super common in use.

Eventually AI writing plugin could be common like grammar & spellcheck. It'll be an interesting future where focus is more on subjective value you can get from reading post.

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