Are you still saving your money in bank, think wisely and invest your money .

Why should you be saving your money in bank when there's actually an investment you can do that you will be smiling everyday.
One of the best bank that have the highest interest in Nigeria (First bank) has interest of 3.5% per annum. This insinuate that if you save $1000 in the bank, You will only have $35 as interest after a year. In 2 years, you will have 70$ as interest. It sounds absurd?. That's the best bank will the highest interest compare to Others.


Now let's assume you use the same $1000 to buy PROOFOFBRAIN TOKEN. Current price of POB token now Is $0.17. Per POB. From that $1000, you will get arround 5800 POB. If you stake this POB, you should have arround 4.5 voting power. From this 5 voting power, if you curate 10 content per day, your POB perday will be arround 25 POB. In a year you will averagely 9125 POB + 5800 which will give you 14,925POB in a year. It will be definitely more than this because as your POB increases , your voting power increase too. If assume that the price of POB still remain as $0.17 , you will have $2537. I.e if the price still remain $0.17 which can't remain as $0.17. just imagine the price increase to $1 at the end of the year, you will have arround $14,925 at the end of the year. Isn't that great? . Use the Opportunity now, invest in POB, the price is still favourably.

Furthermore, saving in bank also have some kind of risks, I can still remember vividly in 2018 when Skye bank, one of the best bank in Nigeria was inscribed with lot of issues, Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) officially notified the investing public of the suspension of Skye Bank and later change the bank to Polaries bank. During the period, alot of customers lost thier assets and fund which actually sank thier customer into a melachonious mood. Some of their customer couldn't recover thier assets till this present Moment.

Wake up now before the opportunity Close
It's high time we left poverty

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