Let your Impact be felt Positively @dadoyen2


What will be my impact either to the people arround me or to the world at large before and after leaving this world? This has been the major question that usually sink to my mind everyday. A lot of people have definitely come to this life without making any impact . Many people have come and left with negative impact and people with positive impact are numerous. Which side will I and you belong?. Is it the neutral without impact , positive or the negative one. This is a question we must keep asking ourselves Everytime, moment and day. What do you want people to say about you after your dismissal (death). Is it the way you have destroyed someone's life or your bad attitude in the society?


It is not until you become a millionaire, famous or powerful before you can impact positively. There are alot of wealthy people who have no iota of positive impact in the society they live. They inflict, treat people in a bad way due to their wealth and power. Do you render assistant to those who need your help? Can you boldly say: 'Yes' if not because of me, something bad will have happened to him/her. How many people have you helped in terms of difficulty? I have seen someone saying that I can never render assistance to anyone because when I was facing difficulty, no one helped. We must let this mentality erased from our mind. The fact that noone helps you during hardship does not say that you should not help people again. Remember it is not your power, remember what you are doing and you become successful, some people know how to do it more than you do and they are not successful as you are.
Help people when you see them facing difficulty, be straightforward, guide people right if you are capable, disseminate knowledge, if you have any information that can help people ,don't hold it.By doing all these, your positive impact will be felt.

even if it is as small as giving someone a sachet of pure water.

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