Tattoo and why you should not tattoo your body


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Component of tattoo ink

Tattoo actually consist of two components, the carrier and the colourants.

The carrier

The carrier enable the transportation of the colourants into the dermis of the skin and the carrier can be ethanol, glycerin,isopropyl alcohol and distill water.
Demis layer is the later below the epidemis and it contains hair follicle, connective tissue and sweat gland.


Tattoo colourants.

Nowadays, 80% of tattoo pigments(colourants) are organic compound. Out of this 80%, 60% are from organic family known as azo dye
Other family of organic compound are also used. Tattoo ink can also contain multiple colours

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Phthalocyanine- blue to green
Anthraquinone- red to blue
Xanthen -yellow to violet

Health related issues of tattoo

Most health related issues arising from the component of the ink.
Formaldehyde which acts as preservative agent in some tattoo ink is classified as carcinogen i.e cancer causing agent.

Benzoizothiazoline which is also use in ink formulation can actually cause skin irritation.

benzo(a) pyrene, a PAH which is mostly found in some black tattoo ink is carcinogenic.

Tattoo can also increase the risk of bacteria infection.

Tattoo penetrate the skin which can cause skin infection and allergic reaction.

In spite of the health concern, a causative link between tattoo and cancer has not been established.




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