RE: Riftwatchers Pre-Sale sells out in Under 2 Minutes!!

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I kinda thought that too, but I wasn't taking any chances. Good thing I didn't. The common Dr Blight (the promo card for Chaos Legion) is still selling for around $70 and the gold foil is around $500. Both of those numbers are actually down a bit lately so...might be good buys for someone who doesn't have them or wants to possibly invest. Not financial advice, obviously.

Anyway, I think the latest promo card will probably start quite a bit higher than that so....the next tough decision is whether to sell them to recoup some of the investment, or combine them and actually use them in the game. It really looks like a great card so...we'll see. I'm sure I will absolutely hate it if someone uses it against me and I don't have it. Decisions, decisions...

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