Hive Power Up and Power Down | Historical Data By Day, Months and Top Accounts


HIVE has been doing quite well recently in terms of activity and price. Splinterlands is driving a lot of traffic and new accounts. How it the powering up HIVE going? Time to look at the recent data and at the historical rates.


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We will be looking at:

  • Hive powered up by date and month
  • Hive powered down by date and month
  • Hive power from inflation
  • Power up vs power down by date and month
  • Top Accounts that powered up
  • Top Accounts that powered down

The period that we will be looking here is from the creation of the old chain 😊, March 2021, since it influences the hive power overall.

Hive Powered Up

Here is the chart for the all-time Hive powered up.


These are daily columns, and we can see there is a lot of spikes. Overall, there seems to be a trend for more powering up in the first half in 2017, then a slow down trend, a huge spike in March 2020 again.

Here is the monthly chart for better representation.


The war for the chain in March 2020 is dominating the chart. It really has left a mark on the chain. A total of 58M Hive was powered in that month, a lot of which from exchanges that were holding user funds. In the previous period we can see some up trend until January 2018, and then a slowdown.

Hive Power From Rewards/Inflation

To get the overall numbers for power up vs power downs we need to take into consideration the Hive Power from inflation. Half of the author rewards, witness rewards and curation rewards are all paid out as HP. We can say this Hive is being powered up from the start.

Here is the chart.


In the last period the HP from inflation is around 50k HP per day.
There is a big spike at start, because of the first authors payouts were delayed back in 2016. They were all paid at once on July 4th for a few months back. On a monthly level it is around 1.5 HIVE Power in rewards.

Hive Powered Down

Here is the chart for the Hive Powered down.


We can see that there is a lot of powering down at first, in 2016. These are mostly the first author and curation rewards. Then a spike again in April and May 2020, mostly form the exchanges powering down after the war for the chain.

Here is the monthly chart.


We can see the trend here for more power downs till the mid 2017, then a spike in January 2018. Next are April – June 2020, after the war for the chain, and exchanges powering down. In the last few months there is less then 3M HIVE powered down per month.

Power UP VS Power Down

Here is the chart with the difference in HIVE power up VS power down, including the daily rewards in Hive Power (author rewards, curation rewards, witnesses’ rewards).


The all-time net powered up/down Hive.

A lot of powering down in the period September 2016 – April 2017, and then also March – May 2020. This period was when the exchanges were powering down.
A lot of powering up, when the fight for governance of the chain was happening, end of February 2020.

The monthly chart looks like this.


Again, a lot of net powering down in September 2016 – April 2017, then some ups and downs and a huge spike in March 2020, and then in the opposite direction in April, May and June, three months to power down.

If we zoom in 2021 we have this.


Note October 2021 is not finished yet.

The first two months had some positive power up to power down ratio, then the next three, March, April and May a negative ratio with net 3M powered down in May 2021. This is mostly because of the spike in the HIVE price at the time and people wanting to cash out. June is almost neutral.

In July, August and September there is a constant increase in the HIVE powered up, topping out to 3M net HIVE powered up per month. In these three months a total of 7.5M more HIVE was powered up. At the same time the HIVE supply has also been deflationary, meaning an overall constrain of the HIVE supply both in absolute numbers and liquid HIVE.

October is not over yet but we are seeing more HIVE powered down in the month by just a bit, again usually when HIVE price goes up, some people wanna cash out.

The overall supply of HIVE at the moment looks like this.


A 41% of the HIVE supply is powered up, a 147M. A 40% is liquid or 145M, and 19%, or 69M is in the DHF slowly converting to HBD. We can say that basically 60% of the HIVE supply is locked/powered up.

Top Accounts That Powered Up In 2021

Who is powering up the most?
Here is the chart for 2021.


The @newsflash account is on the top with a total of 2.2M Hive powered up, followed by @blocktrades and then @alpha.

Top 20 Accounts That Powered Down In 2021

Who is powering down the most?


The is on the top with almost 1.9M, followed by @w3417h and @riverhead. period.

Overall, the staking numbers have been up since June, except for October when they are down. Overall the total amount of HIVE power has increased, I remember it being around 140M in the past and now we are at 147M. Will see how it goes from here, but it seems whenever the price of HIVE goes up, there is more powering down as people want to cash out.

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Excelentes representación sobre lo que ha estado ocurriendo con hive desde hace varios años. Es claro que cuando hive sube, muy poco demora en esa tendencia alcista porque las personas venden para tomar ganancia. Lastima que la gráfica no muestre el precio en dólares de cada mes y así saber con claridad en qué precio exactamente ocurre esto pero fácilmente se puede ir al coinmarketcap y averiguarlo.
Gracias por las gráficas.


Pretty good lay out of the power downs and power ups. A bit concerning that the top power ups are from accounts notorious for political flagging but at least people are powering up even if its the very people discouraging powering up and participating on Hive further with their massive downvotes. The very downvotes that implies our top stakeholders support centralized authoritarian measures, figure heads and governments who all support fiat and censorship.

Anyways, perhaps Splinterlands will encourage more power ups because certainly most of Hive is just Bear people cashing out their post rewards. Also doesnt help Hive is primarily exclusively in a walled garden of upbit.


Not sure all Hive are bears cashing out post rewards. And if they keep doing so, the system is designed to give them less and less rewards everytime, so... Is not about "believing". It is about "commitment".
At least, that is how I see it.
Nice stats overall, I just see a healthy decentralized chaotic growing community. Bullish.


60% powered up with the system that Hive has sounds like good amount of long term holders.


Quite nice actually :)