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CTP can be converted to CTP POWER in a process called staking.
CTP Power
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HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
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Author reward: 33.353 CTP for dalz/the-hive-power-share-keeps-growing-or-historical-data-on-hive-power
Author reward: 0.015 CTP for dalz/rdl88m
Author reward: 0.005 CTP for dalz/rdkxrm
Author reward: 0.002 CTP for dalz/re-nonameslefttouse-rdkwwk
Author reward: 0.06 CTP for dalz/rdko4r
Author reward: 0.015 CTP for dalz/rdkn2h
Author reward: 0.015 CTP for dalz/rdkn11
Author reward: 33.617 CTP for dalz/dalz-is-now-a-hive-witness-or-here-for-the-long-haul
Author reward: 25.434 CTP for dalz/beneficiaries-on-hive-are-now-more-than-20-from-authors-rewards-or-what-drives-this
Author reward: 16.698 CTP for dalz/how-is-the-ethereum-network-during-this-market-volatility-or-data-on-wallets-transaction-hash-rate-fees
Author reward: 41.303 CTP for dalz/splinterlands-sps-token-supply-transfers-staking-and-top-accounts-or-june-2022
Author reward: 0.087 CTP for dalz/rd67cn
Author reward: 0.041 CTP for dalz/re-whatsup-rd649z
Author reward: 0.002 CTP for dalz/rd62h3
Author reward: 15.78 CTP for dalz/hive-engine-is-growing-and-reached-another-ath-in-hive-holdings-or-data-on-hive-deposits-and-withdrawals
Author reward: 56.995 CTP for dalz/ocd-curation-report-or-may-2022
Author reward: 0.033 CTP for dalz/rcx1uk
Author reward: 52.929 CTP for dalz/hive-inflation-and-supply-for-may-2022
Author reward: 20.405 CTP for dalz/how-is-the-bitcoin-network-doing-under-the-current-market-conditions-or-data-on-wallets-transaction-hash-rate-fees
Author reward: 35.42 CTP for dalz/exchanges-transfers-report-or-transfers-to-and-from-exchanges-by-date-and-accounts-or-may-2022
Author reward: 0.005 CTP for dalz/rci3ea
Author reward: 34.44 CTP for dalz/data-on-hbdstabilizer-or-hbd-bought-sold-and-profitability
Delegated 575.896 CTP to dalz3
Staked 63.043 CTP to dalz
Received 63.043 CTP from dalz3
Staked 512.853 CTP to dalz
Author reward: 0.102 CTP for dalz/rc6kjs
Author reward: 33.596 CTP for dalz/how-low-can-hbd-drop-or-a-look-at-historical-data-and-overview-of-the-current-conditions
Received 230.681 CTP from dalz3
Author reward: 0.008 CTP for dalz/rc326d
Author reward: 24.41 CTP for dalz/usdc-increased-its-market-cap-after-the-terraust-fiasco-or-a-look-at-the-top-stablecoins
Author reward: 0.017 CTP for dalz/rbtp86
Author reward: 34.074 CTP for dalz/how-exactly-is-the-hive-debt-calculated-important-things-to-know-when-monitoring-the-health-of-hbd
Author reward: 0.026 CTP for dalz/rbrrwb
Author reward: 53.127 CTP for dalz/how-is-the-hbd-liquidity-doing-or-data-on-hbd-liquidity-and-trading-volume
Author reward: 12.984 CTP for dalz/3speak-stats-may-2022-or-activities-users-votes
Author reward: 0.001 CTP for dalz/re-vlemon-rbjqvp
Author reward: 44.368 CTP for dalz/data-on-pancakeswap-or-the-no-1-dex-on-the-binance-smart-chain-bsc
Author reward: 19.704 CTP for dalz/hive-inflation-and-supply-for-april-2022
Author reward: 31.728 CTP for dalz/top-hive-earners-by-category-or-authors-curators-witnesses-dao-or-april-2022
Author reward: 0.053 CTP for dalz/rb7m5w
Author reward: 28.07 CTP for dalz/wrapping-hbd-to-phbd-or-data-on-transfers-and-top-accounts
Delegated 682.898 CTP to dalz3
Staked 682.898 CTP to dalz
Received 152.128 CTP from dalz3
Received 18.303 CTP from leo.stats
Author reward: 0.006 CTP for dalz/re-melbourneswest-2022425t14158854z
Author reward: 31.117 CTP for dalz/anchor-to-lower-its-apy-on-ust-for-1-5-each-month
Author reward: 34.431 CTP for dalz/rabona-stats-or-a-look-at-the-football-soccer-manager-game-on-hive-or-apr-2022
Author reward: 27.915 CTP for dalz/usdc-to-become-the-number-one-stablecoin-in-2022
Author reward: 0.075 CTP for dalz/raf1v7
Author reward: 0.006 CTP for dalz/raf1e0
Author reward: 31.236 CTP for dalz/hive-communities-or-communities-created-top-communities-by-subs-activity-and-hp-weight-or-april-2022
Author reward: 0.001 CTP for dalz/ra8dnt
Author reward: 39.462 CTP for dalz/6-billion-more-ust-printed-in-2022-or-a-look-at-terrausd
Author reward: 0.003 CTP for dalz/ra7wfz
Received 172.048 CTP from dalz3
Author reward: 0.045 CTP for dalz/ra2u2j
Author reward: 0.001 CTP for dalz/ra2ndw
Author reward: 0.001 CTP for dalz/re-fabian98-ra0xy5
Delegated 860.35 CTP to dalz3
Staked 860.35 CTP to dalz
Received 34.51 CTP from dalz3
Received 3.119 CTP from dalz.shorts
Received 106.035 CTP from dalz3
Received 170.589 CTP from dalz3
Delegated 767.958 CTP to dalz3
Staked 767.958 CTP to dalz
Received 37.711 CTP from dalz3
Received 2.897 CTP from leo.stats
Received 101.658 CTP from dalz3
Received 12.574 CTP from dalz3
Received 162.121 CTP from dalz3
Received 70.017 CTP from dalz3
Received 5.814 CTP from leo.stats
Received 7.041 CTP from dalz.shorts
Received 102.143 CTP from dalz3
Received 94.002 CTP from dalz3
Received 70.02 CTP from dalz3
Received 82.367 CTP from dalz3
Received 5.996 CTP from leo.stats
Received 45.501 CTP from dalz3
Delegated 247.973 CTP to dalz3
Staked 247.973 CTP to dalz
Received 35.279 CTP from dalz3
Received 73.948 CTP from dalz3
Staked 122.74 CTP to dalz3
Received 21.218 CTP from dalz3
Received 63.39 CTP from dalz3
Received 7.371 CTP from leo.stats
Delegated 341.33 CTP to dalz3
Staked 341.33 CTP to dalz
Received 187.972 CTP from dalz3
Delegated 1176.89 CTP to dalz3
Staked 1176.89 CTP to dalz
Received 1090.956 CTP from dalz3
Received 1.491 CTP from leo.stats
Received 7.119 CTP from leo.stats
Delegated 325.753 CTP to dalz3
Staked 325.753 CTP to dalz