In Russia’s War, China and India Emerge as Financiers


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Today I decided to come up with a news about the collaboration between Russia,China and India. However Russia has been trying all possible to break the stranglehold of sanctions, China and India are emerging as moscow's pivotal financier by purchasing a large amount of Russian crude as well as putting themselves in the middle of messy war with Ukraine and a geopolitical standoff with the west.

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Honestly it's really complex calculation for China, India and the entire global economy. However buying cheap oil from Russia offers economic and political advantages and From my research it has been said that India can make billions of exporting refined products like gasoline and diesel.



By the demand of the two great countries and from their enormous domestic markets and the supplies from their vast refineries are also a central in determining the direction of oil prices so far in the recent month their purchases of Russian crude have helped in reducing pressure.

China has avoided overtly by supporting Russia's war in public statements and India has decided to portray itself as neutral, the main appetite for Russian oil will definitely shake or support the global economy and another complicating factor in the West's capacity is to stay united through a war of attrition in Ukraine. And so far the west has always remained steadfast in their commitment with Ukraine, but for a long period of high fuel prices and potential shortages in Europe could because politically unpalatable.

From research so far one of the consequences of this conflict that has been going on is a fundamental realignment of the global energy system which is trading relationships and geopolitical alignments, with China and India which is more closely with Russia.

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