Rising Star - Added Rare Unique NFTs to my Collection

I am always on the lookout for ways to improve my game play in Rising Star. In the rankings, I have noticed that most of the players that rank higher than me have a higher IM (Income Multiplier) total.

Due to this, I found several cards that would increase my IM by a total of 14 points. Prior to the purchase, my IM was 94. By adding the 14 points, this will increase my total IM points by around 15%. This should help my ranking and earnings potential going forward.

Purchased four new rare unique cards.PNG

The four new unique cards that I purchased cost a total of 23895 Starbits. In addition to the 14 IM points, these cards also added 200 Fans, 625 Skill and 15 Luck. This should help improve my standing this next week.

Purchased two rare cards.PNG

Purchased third rare card.PNG

Purchased 4th rare card.PNG

Rising Star Progress

I added another level this week. I am now at level 108. One level at a time to get closer to unlocking the next mission when I reach level 125.

Level 108.PNG

I gained back a little ground on My ranking this week increasing to 560 from 572 last week. My total score increased for another week to 6021 this week from 5891 last week. This is the first week that I have ever had over 6000 points. I increased the number of Unique and total cards but my weekly minutes stayed about the same for the week over week from 4485 to 4505 this week.

I have been looking at other players with higher scores to try and understand how I can move up in the rankings. Most of them have more IM.

Your Ranking 560.PNG

Your Ranking titles.PNG

Your Ranking detail.PNG

I have been able to keep my ego at zero % for over a month now. This is a very good indicator that I am able to manage my ego no matter what and should not focus on it as much as I have in the past. Due to this, I need to make sure that I work on some of my other stats as well.

stats as of 03-13-23.PNG

If you are interested in playing, check it out at the below link. It is free to join, login with your Hive Keychain.