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This is a interesting card from the Death Splinter. I have found that it works best used in the Unprotected or Explosive Rule sets due to the Life Leach ability. The Life Leach ability adds one health for each point of health it reduces from it's opponent.

One of the downfalls of this card is it's health. Starting at 2 health and 2 speed makes it vulnerable to an early death depending on opponents attack using the Opportunity and/or Snipe ability so placement in your lineup is critical when using this card.

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I have a Gold Foil version of this card at level 2 so get 1 extra speed which can impact how the battle plays out. Hitting them first is very important.

Life Sapper stats.PNG

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Match Rule Set

Mana Cap: 15
Rule Set: Stampede and Explosive Weaponry
Splinter: Fire or Death available - selected Death

With the Explosive Ruleset, I normally select a splinter in which I can use magic. I also figured that my opponent would select the Fire Splinter with the +1 Melee and +1 Health since the match was a very low mana cap at 15.

The summoner I selected has a -1 magic and -1 health. I was hoping to reduce my opponents health from the start. Also, I selected as my tank one with self heal. This tank in combination with the two cards with the Life Leach ability should be able to do some damage right from the start. I added a 0 mana card at the end of my lineup as a buffer in case my opponent used the Sneak ability.

I was wrong about the splinter my opponent would select but was hoping my other selections would make up for that.

starting lineup.PNG

My buffer at the end of my line up did help but at the start of the 2nd round my tank only had 1 health remaining. The good part is that I think my cards will attack first.

start of round 2.PNG

My tank did not last the 2nd round but neither did my opponents Sneak. Then it was left to my two cards with magic and their one card with Melee attack. Since they only had two health remaining and the card in my first position still had three health with the Life Leach ability, I knew that I had won the match.

start of round 3.PNG

Here is the link for the Battle:

Did It Work?

Life Sapper was amazing with the Life Leach ability in combination with the Explosive Weaponry rule set gaining one health from each of the two cards it attacked each round. If the rule set would have been different, the Sneak ability would have taken out Life Sapper and the results of the match could possibly ended differently.

I will most definitely use Life Sapper again especially with the Explosive Weaponry rule set.

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