A difficult time in your life?

There is no courage without fear. No matter how valiant a man can claim to be, there is always a difficult moment where you need wisdom, patience, endurance, hope, faith, finances. This times of uncertainties could birth worries and then fear could set in if the worry is not countered with positive knowledge in the mind.



A major difficult time for me was a season when I lost my major income stream. I wasn't part of the #hive community back then. It was really difficult because my purchasing power was so limited and life was kind of hard.

Financial Insecurity/Irresponsibility sets in😪😪.

Inability to pay my bills as at when due, impromptu needs from loved ones and emergency bills couldn't be attended to.

One of the things I fear in life is being unable to meet inevitable needs when they arise because I know the proof of maturity is in taking responsibility promptly without any form of excuses nor delay.

For instance! During this period my mother was somehow indebted to someone and she was overdue to pay back, meanwhile! she couldn't pay due to delay with her ROI, the person she was owing threatened to arrest her. Just imagine how it feels! With tears laid in my heart, I was financially limited but luckily for me God sent help after a while and immediately I sent the money to her and she was free with joy in her heart.

When people look up to me for help with the mindset that I should be able to help by default I fear to disappoint my loved ones expecially when its a matter of life and reputation, but these season was so difficult, I had to endure, pray and think on acquiring more relevant skills to create wealth.



During this difficult time I had to think of using my music skills to earn money, I put more effort in working and creating many sources of income for financial freedom and security.

HIVEONBOARD is one of the platform that later helped my financial freedom goals. After a while the difficult season started fading and I later got another job plus the online content creation platform.

Fear for financial Insecurity gradually fainting and I summoned courage from within that no matter the situation I find myself I can never be irrelevant and irresponsible in terms of meeting inevitable and emergency needs when they arise.

Trust you will share your own thoughts and experiences here. Thank you for your time and supports @davidbolu34