Being Impulsive can be dangerous when relating with people


To be impulsive means to be inclined to make rapid decisions without due consideration.



Self Control is the ability to do positive things and refrain from negative things even when you feel justified to take a negative path immediately.

You will agree that sometimes, whenever you respond to situations impulsively and emotionally it can be perceived wrongly.

So! I say patience and self control is key to maintaining peace with many people.

Learning to discern impulse before responding is necessary because you can't predict positive outcome of an impulsive person. I experienced being impulsive lately at my place of work.

I have mentioned this experience before and will share again.
I resumed an hour late to work that day, my boss was around and she queried me, my other work mates already fixing a particular stand for our outdoor equipments, actually! i went to meet them but it seem to me they don't require my input and i don't even know how to come in since i came in late. So! i didn't really get involved with them but i was watching. I was wrong!.. I was supposed to find something doing with them at all cost.

After a while my boss queried me again of being absent minded at work and not joining other workers as expected.

Immediately! I felt the need to justify myself by saying No! that I didn't want to intrude them anyhow! another error!

She got angry at my statement and said using the word intrude means I'm an outsider and implies I'm not one of them again. I was suspended.



If I had controlled myself not to respond rather join them immediately she spoke without trying to justify myself I believe I won't have entered that error.
Nevertheless! I'm not perfect, i learnt my lesson. So I apologized to her and promised to make amends. I was pardoned.

We must consciously think of the consequences of our words and action before expressing them for peace to reign.

Regret is a final realisation of what is right.

Choice is the right, power or opportunity to choose and decide between two or more options.

Our everyday life is full of choices. Where I'm today is a function of my choices till date.

Every of our choice always come with responsibilities and consequences.

No one can escape making choices daily, the questions is are you making the right or wrong choices.

Obviously, wrong choice makes one vulnerable to danger.



Now! The major factor that influences right choices is the quantity and quality of information and understanding we are exposed to..

Sometimes, When playing chess you might need to sacrifice one of your own team to win more. Life sometimes, require understanding, sacrifice and patience to make the right choices and decisions that will give us wins in the chess of life.

To make decision means to cut off somethings. So! How do i know what to cut off at a particular time and situation?

Choices decided can either be regrettable or rejoicable.

Mostly we make many wrong choices due to

Insufficient patience or understanding: Nobody can be outstanding without understanding and patience. I have made many choices in ignorance which are regrettable for me.

Now i often remind myself that if I'm not sure nor know enough about an option I must not decide, i must be patient enough to know what is best to do in every inevitable situations because it's costly to make wrong decisions.

Another is Fear of timing: You are better late in deciding than living in regret of your decisions. Patience is virtue. I now try to wait more, calm down, be sure of every choices I decide.

Over Excitement It is very subtle to make decisions while happy, chances are that those decisions are not deeply considered and can be costly. So! Don't always be quick to decide when something seem too good at the moment. Neither is it good to decide when angry or sad. We must always find the balance.

Exposure to wrong information and reality: When you are influenced by wrong people your mindset can be wrong about many things. The wrong picture, information you are exposed to is what you will reproduce. Therefore let's consciously choose correctly those we allow to influence our interest, career choice and character goals.

Pressure from friends: Don't allow pressure from anyone, that's why no matter those who inspire and motivate us let's be self motivated and inspired too because ultimately! We are responsible for our success in life..

What enhances right choices is right, enough knowledge and understanding in that area of concern. It's our responsibility to learn daily on how to relate with life and humanity.

Now I have learnt to be very conscious of what to say in any given situation. An impulsive man becomes nothing but blacklisted.

Always exercise patience to process the consequence of your action before acting. Once you decide to always listen before you react you have sentenced yourself to patience and self control.

Knowledge, Understanding, Self Control and Patience enhances the consciousness of better outcome, help deny instant self gratification for higher things, commitment to higher results, staying away from where you should stay away like impulsive responses, anger, arguments etc. Rather deal mire with silence, effective communication, patience and understanding which will help secure your peace, reputation, productivity and progress ultimately.

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