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My earliest childhood memories are really experiences I learnt from in life and the impact are still helping me now.



I had alot of childhood memories, One of the most interesting and adventurous moments i had when i was a child was being a young drummer in church.

Actually my parent always say that I was born on a Sunday while my mum have been staying in the church for months till I was birthed. I was named David, "A man after God's heart" Boluwaji, "A man that wakes up with God daily" and indeed I began to exhibit attributes that loves music and the house of God.

I remember i love going to church, I love God and the things of God, I grew up having good passion for music, i started by playing the drumset, I even remember creating drums with used beverage tin covered with nylons.

After awhile i became a young drummer assisting our adult drummer in church.



The funny thing was that I was preferred over the adult drummer after awhile because of my unusual passion and availability in church.

I was also known to be very social as an extrovert, having friends with my music skills.

Among these memories, I remembered I had to deal with competition and side talks from people as a young boy because the adult drummer won't give up easily.

It was really weird that I had to step down at some point and i kept developing other music skills, I started learning the guitar and i eventually loved strings instrument more till date.

Although! I can still play drums so well but not as the guitar. It was really an adventurous moment having to see my music knowlegde increase with competitions from adults, it really helped me grow wisely, I was privileged to learn a lot of new things musically even i gradually understood human relations values such as respect, wisdom and self discipline from childhood which are still helping me today.

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You love playing drums that's good,music is life and I would also love to play both the drums, piano those are very nice and amazing musical instruments.