Human relations (Honor)

Our decision to consciously walk in honor towards every contact we make with people goes a long way in helping our life and community at large.

When trying to deal with situations with people don't be confrontational, bring issues up with meekness, try to sincerely identify the cause by visiting the root of the matter not the surface so as to be conclusive and progressive. Talk respectfully, be quick and humble enough to accept faults and say sorry.

Honor means to hold someone or something in highest esteem, Honor is not just respect but respect on steriods.

A lifestyle of honor secures favor and security in the nearest future.

It's important to seek how to solve problems not becoming the problem.

Avoid excuses, Proofing right always, arguments, nagging, shouting. We must posses a strong emotional balance and forgiving spirit.



Handling relationships with others requires honor. So! Learning and Practicing to handle issues within miscommunication, misunderstanding is quite inevitable because It will often occur and must be handled properly and honorably at every point.

Really!! After alot of experiences with my relationship with people and place of work, I'm much aware of how i deal with people.

However! we can't effectively handle misunderstanding with people without proper identity, knowledge and understanding of the people in question because this is what sustains the honor in our heart whilst handling situations.

Never confuse or ignore people's status and identity because of your emotional state or rights, you may dishonor them unknowingly and you may not like consequences when you are balanced emotionally.

If you know someone's status as a superior for instance! it can be easy to compose yourself atleast for the sake of the identity, nomatter what you don't like about your superior you must remain honorable to avoid being loose.



A USA soldier in camoflage uniform cannot be dishonored because he represents his country. If you have any misunderstanding with the person in uniform, you will still have to honor the person because of his identity and that will enhance honorable conversation.

Generally, Identify every person you relate with as Godmade and that is enough reason to honor people.

It's also important to know how to relate with everyone with the correct identity and honor in your heart.

Don't become too familiar with people and then dishonor them. We must consciously show honor in conversations, gestures, appearance at every point, we must try master our emotions individually.

The things associated to the people in honor must be honored too.. If it requires getting their consent to access or use their belongings it's worth it. we must understand boundaries and treat what belongs to others with honor as well.

Let's be ready to let go of past hurts, don't keep history of pains nor react to previous issues after it as been closed. Don't share your challenges with every relatives and friends, Only choose to share with qualified people if need be. Don't allow solved challenges affect your future action. These are few tips to keep our life and relationships honorable, peaceful and productive.

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