Lifematics || Be passionate about learning and apply them to life matters, love your life, face your fears and win

LIFE is a learning institution with a compulsory course that requires series of daily tests and applications to be successful. Permit me to call the course [Lifematics] and we must be prepared for this Lifematics apart from our conventional Mathematics 😁.

Whether we like it or not after the mathematics we all learnt in schools there is lifematics to face and solve daily.



Lifematics involves test of life practical knowlegde majorly by daily application with unlimited access to external sources of information. It is possible to be obsolete and blackout in life examination hall, blackout in this context is a temporary loss of confidence or information. A psychological state in which a person experience loss of confidence or required information when facing daily life challenges.

Actually, it's really not easy to face test of ability, face an examiner nor being left alone in a challenging situation. We know that naturally a little nervousness is healthy for any human to do well in anything. However, no one passes an exam in a legit way without proper confidence and sufficient knowledge.

Obviously! life requires knowledge and applications. There is a specific knowledge to be acquired over every affairs of life, knowledge is the only way out of ignorance and failure.

Knowledge is familiarity, awareness, having information of something or someone such as facts, information, skills, acquired through experience or education by perceiving, learning new things and experiences.

Knowledge is information and understanding about a subject which a person has or which all people have,, usually acquired via a social lifestyle of exposure, learning, unlearning and relearning.



Of a truth, If we are by any means under prepared for life challenges and tests, chances are that, there will be loss of self confidence and this is a direct entry into blackout which usually lead to being unproductive and stranded in life.

Also, I found out it's best to have deep understanding of information acquired not just living life by guessing or cramming, you will agree with me that excessive cramming and guess work do not end up retaining deep understanding of neccesary information in the long run and life is fond of twisting examination questions. So, when life put us on a test, we are fond of trying to recite the whole cramming, forgetting memory might not recall all under pressure except you really understand what to do per time.

Sometimes, when we recal past poor performances and previous failures it often leave bad impression in the our mind and this reduces self-esteem which can enhance fear of facing present and future life challenges with confidence.



It's important to love your life, seek knowledge and believe in yourself so as to have the required self drive and passion to face and overcome the challenges of life which cannot be escaped.

Now, excessive anxiety and fear of failure can be detrimental. Remember, little anxiety or nervousness can be healthy to perform well in life situtions because it will make you passionate, smarter and time conscious. However, when anxiety and fear becomes so excessive it can lead to imbalances in the mind and can result into loss of self confidence. Sometimes, too much concerns about disappointing people, parents, failing in life, being financially limited leads to imbalances in life matters. However, we must acquire, relate and share knowledge with great minds to help better understanding of life situations in your area of interest, but we should also not make a big deal of it, avoid too much comparison by paying attention to personal preparation and understanding because ultimately, you will be responsible for your life.

It is essential for us to remain positive and believe that we can do well in life regardless of the little tension or past experiences. We should not allow others demotivate us rather move with people who can motivate you. As long as we are well prepared and positive about life we will be successful..

I'm really feeling alive now with my engagement on hive platform not just about the tokenization and futuristic financial freedom advantages also for the enormous, diversity of inspiration and access to great minds intellectual and applicable contents. I'm facing life with more confidence and understanding.

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Knowledge is an essential key in life and all that have it will always be successful in the face of life challenges regardless. #hive platform exposed me to alot of values for life and after a while of social interactions here I have acquired lot of musical inspiration, life wisdom, content creation values, finance, cryptocurrency digital insight and foresight. Still on it.

I realized by my little experience here on hive that there is no skill too hard to master once you displace the ignorance with applied knowledge in that area.
However! Continuous Application of knowlegde acquired is the real power not just the acquire knowledge. Intentional application of aqcuired positive knowlegde is what produces continous development and productivity in life matters.

Conclusively! We should know that applied knowledge is the fuel that drive human life. In other not to be blackout in the face of life examination and challenges, let's be more deliberate about being informed in our area of specification and life in general; social interactions, music, finance, content creation, emotional intelligence, business development. We should continously learn from those who are navigating or have navigated our desired route. I found out that positive readers are leaders. Let's pay more attention to our environment, remain open minded not rigid to corrections and inspiration from others also let's be self motivated. Learning, unlearning and relearning constantly is an essential part of life for continuous success and progress.

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