Thoughts on Education: Part 1, #14. Blogging Challenge Question

Education is known to be the basic foundation of awareness.

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Kindly spare me few minutes of your valuable time as i share with you few thoughts on education

Education facilities every interactions (both physical and virtual) all over the world.

One of the greatest disease of life is ignorance and one of the key ways to eradicate or mitigate ignorance is by acquisition of general knowledge or specific knowledge in a particular field of interest.

I wonder how worthless and retarded Life would have been without proper Education being implace to liberate us from ignorance.

Life should have been a shadow of dark moments as #hiveblog or #hiveblockchain would have never come to stay. Inventions such as Michael Faraday laws of electricity and electrolysis won't be in existence. Laws of motion, law of gravity, applied sciences and technologies won't have been in place to make life easier. There should have been no rocket to launch our digital satellites in space to facilitate connections and mutual interactions between us.

There should have been nothing called Cryptocurrency talkless of having a centralized or decentralized bank or blockchain for fait exchange and digital transactions respectivey. There should not have been a modern medium of effective communication and proper feedback mechanism or benchmarking. We should have been limited to war and farming daily as a our major means of lively hood. No deployment of computers, robots, automated teller machines, aircrafts, railways, hydropower stations, health and safety Organizations should have been evident. We should have been hidden up in our primitive nature, the ozone layer should have been depleted to a point that some part of the world should have been disrupted by ultraviolet radiation from the sun. No modern means of mobile transportation should have been recorded and accessible and the world lingual franca should have not materialized to the level it is today.

Education is a pathway to liberation and an eye opener that minimizes the ambiguity of interactions built by connections. We learn to know and understand by Education and we live to succeed on this blockchain by the virtue of the fact that we're literate, meaning we have the ability to create, write contents and verbally express ourselves with a feedback mechanism of mutual understanding. Of a fact, Education is the keychain to unlocking our wallets and checkmating our account.

From my point of view, i think Education is the best legacy everyone will ever wish to have for the world to be better place. In some countries of the world, many Educated people and graduate are yet to be employed. At this point it helps us articulate our mindset thereby seeing the need to be an employer of labour rather than lobbying to be employed.

With #hiveblockchain, we are entrepreneurs, by putting our knowledge and skills to use daily.

Certainly! Education is the best legacy to give generations and those yet unborn.
Let's value continous learning for continous productivity.


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