Your Pet Peeve?



There are obviously things that are annoying to individuals as humans and funny enough! Those things might seem little but yet have the potential to irritate you.

However! We are inevitably surrounded by imperfect people including yourself, so! It's expected to build some level of tolerance, patience and understanding in dealing with people at different levels of life in other to experience a peaceful lifestyle as we all grow.



Pet peeve refers to something you find to be annoying that you or someone does.

I will mention some of my own pet peeves;

  • When I see someone treating people around me lesser than expected: I detest a pride driven individual who sees people as nothing but trash. This can be as a result of one's position, wealth, political status or otherwise. So I will say! never do to others what you'll never like others do to you.

  • Making unnecessary noise with the mouth while eating: I love good table manner. I never consider any manner as bad as someone eating like a dog. Though this can be corrected which is very ideal.

  • Dubious act: This is applicable to the opposite sex, especially some ladies. When you don't love a man and you make him spend his hard earnings on you, all you could do is spend that earnings on someone you love and demanding more from the man you don't love. That's infedility and it's a pet peeve i detest with much passion. So be real and never say yes when you know you don't love him.

  • Always proving unnecessary points for justification when you're wrong: When someone sees that you did something very obvious and you're trying to justify yourself. Instead apologies by all means when you know you were at fault, such is a pet peeve to me.

  • Being late for an appointment: I'm principled regarding time as i don't joke with it. I always make sure i arrive the venue of appointment at most 5mimutes before the said time. I detests people keeping late towards an appointments.

Well! This are just the few pet peeve I will mention, Trust you will share your thoughts and leave a comment.

Thank you for your time and supports @davidbolu34.