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Hello friends.

It's the Holiday season, and along with that comes holiday beverages, such a hot Coco! Hot cocoa is the perfect beverage for the season. During cold mornings, or at a coffee shop... having a hot cup of coco is the best! So what's better than drinking a delicious hot cocoa in the morning? Answer: Nothing!

Speaking of Coco, did you know that December 13th was national cocoa Day? That's right! It's that day of the year when we think of cocoa and all the many many ways it's used and consumed.

From 1502 when the Europeans initially discovered cocoa to the $75 billion per year industry it has grown into today, there is no doubt that people from around the world love this delight.

If you want to learn more about this tasty holiday, you can visit their web page here.

All this talk about the Cocoa bean has got us thinking that it would make for a great Monday challenge for you too.

It's the only way to enjoy cocoa!

Today's challenge

Post a photo of your favorite way of enjoying Cocoa on D.Buzz, and tell us why it is your favorite!

This week's challenge

At some point in the next 6 days...

  • In a post on D.Buzz, post a photo of your favorite Cocoa product.
  • Tell us why you enjoy it so much.
  • Hashtag that post with #cocoabuzz.
  • Post a link to your buzz on a comment below.
  • Use the Buzz to Twitter for an extra high-five from us! ;)

Thank You


  • After seven days (Next Monday, at some point), we will select a winner from all valid entries.
  • We will then make an announcement post on the following Monday and tag you.
  • The prize will be sent to the winner soon after the winner is announced.
  • No, follow, or upvote required to join.

What is the prize?

  • The prize is 10 HIVE tokens sent to you.

Last Week’s Winner!

By random draw, the winner of last week's challenge is...

@marcinxyz 🙌

Who posted this Buzz:

Hahah, we would like a few slices of that pie as well!

  • Congratulations on winning!
  • You will receive the prize from our rewards account shortly. :)

Thank you for playing!

Questions? Concerns? Comments?

Just comment below.

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There's a restaurant called Chocolate in downtown Santa Cruz, where I used to live. They had a menu of, probably, 10 kinds of drinking chocolates. They were all so thick they were half way to pudding.My friend's beautiful wood block prints were always on the walls and I have great memories with friends of sipping drinking chocolate after finishing dance performances together. Here's a link to the restaurant as well as to Bridget's beautiful wood block prints.

Screen Shot 2021-12-14 at 2.00.24 PM.png