Our progress during a week !


So, it has been exactly a week after creating a post where I showed what we did as a community on hive blockchain and what are planing to do. You may see that in this post : How DCooperation will operate with 33,000 Hive Power !. As well all the rewards from that post went to power up the account in hive and all tribes created.

Here is what we earned from that :

HIVE8.109 Hive Power
CTP6.873 CTP Power
POB1.499 POB Power
LEO0.614 LEO Power
NEOXIAN0.1498 N Power


Since we weren't staking in any tribe before, in this repost only hive curation earned will be shared. So, this account is upvoting more than 340 hivers and we earned from that : 7.36. It's about 1 hive a day and it's growing now !

As well we are welcoming any new members in the community. Recently we have new two introduction in discord.


The first from @lennyblogs00 :

I'm Lenny, the new moderator of Dcoopertation and a team member of PH community, young enough so much energy and maybe time to spend getting ideas for development, and also to make posts and interact with people, believing in the idea and plan of this community which will bring something phenomenal for Hive.

The second from @natebowie :

I'm Nate, I'm a hobbyist author and who focuses on technology & information security. I like the sound of a community coming together to produce content bigger than the sum of an individuals' effort.

As well we have other members who joined as : @edystringz from proof of brain tribe. And @happyphoenix from Indonesia.


All those who joined us will get 1% autoupvote from the account and in case they create at least one content a week in our community here https://hive.blog/trending/hive-177976 using the tag #dcc what means ''Decentrazlized Cooperation and Collaboration'' they will get 10% autoupvote every single day.

To not abuse the reward pool and to save our power, maybe somedays will be missed, and some authors because I set a threshold to recover our voting power. But I'm doing my best to never let it hit that, so the account is always upvoting someone !

When we will have enough people and our collaborations will be more often, we may stop the autoupvote at all. Now, we are counting on the community to help us reach that.


The thing that I'm @clixmoney doing a lot of manual curation and I don't really have so much time for @dcooperation. I hope a developer will join us and help us to create a bot to make curators upvote the content they choose. We need curators in the community as well and we already have ''Suggested-posts'' channel in our discord server ! Welcome to join to help us build the community and move to complete manual curation by our curators ! For now I can curate as well from this account the content proposed by anyone in the comments, in the server or I will look for it in #dcc tag.

This time I will create this content in as much tribes as I can to find those who are willing to help me build the community !

If you are interested, please join us here : DCooperation Discord Server

I'm also willing to create a movie about hive. You can read about that here, or watch the video there : Let's create a hive movie !

Thanks a lot to : @theycallmedan , @aliento , @brianoflondon , @spectrumecons , @captainhive and others who gave us the best upvotes in the previous post in hive !

Thanks a lot to : @pixiepost , @funnel , @nicolcron , @kggymlife , @kgsupport who gave us the best upvotes in ctptalk tribe.

Thanks a lot to : @pandaparker , @fullcoverbetting , @siniceku , @litkitdiginews, @erhan92 and others for giving us the best upvotes in proof of brain tribe.

Thanks a lot for the supporters in Leo community as well. ( I don't know in fact how to see there who upvoted )

Thanks a lot for our supporters in neoxian as well !


I know that many of those who are upvoted by @dcooperation are active in all tribes and hive. So, all the stake used will be distributed among them in form of upvotes.

We are also ready to improve our curation system every time if we find better ways to support our members and hive community. You can write your propositions in the comments and we may look into them.

For now our team is consisting me @clixmoney and @lennyblogs00. And in fact any our member can join the team. We are lanching this as a new community and we are ready for any improvement proposed !


I hope this community will be able to be useful for each hive community member !

You are welcome to join us and help !


First of all glad to I could help out a little bit with an upvote with my small account on hive and all other tribes.
Secondly I am a little bit confused what this tribe is about.
Did reach out to you on discord, so let’s have a chat there.



You're welcome. @dcooperation is a community. Not a tribe and we don't have our own token. Our goal is to make all community and tribe members collaborate. We may create content together and share it on this account and build it. Then this account will support all those who will participate in our collaborations.

For example even introducing themselves in discord, people are collaborating with the community by sharing information with it. Those introductions will be shared on this account in form a post. All the rewards will be used to power up the account in hive and all tribes, then those who participated will be upvoted. That's the plan and we may create a lot of collaborations to build this account everywhere !