The second week with DCooperation !



We keep growing and implementing new ideas to make the community grow. A new idea I'm @clixmoney come up with to create a collaborative curation in hive and tribes. For more details you can read here : Collaborative curation with DCooperation !. In fact the idea is easy, just those who want to create using the tag #dcc should at least share an other post in their posts. That will motivate others to promote the content they like. And help curators find more useful content to support. But those who share the content, should at least write a sentence about why they liked the content. They can quote it in the end of the post, or include it in form of a clickable text in their post.

So, all the curators will know about that tag and they will be able to upvote posts using #dcc tag and the content promoted in those posts as well.

#dcc is a decentralized collective collaboration, or decentralized collaborative cooperation.


I'm also discussing the idea of creating a movie about hive blockchain. The idea is already discussed in the main discord server of hive. In peakd discord server and in a few other communities. We even have @natebowie our member now who wrote this about how to start the movie :

Just brainstorming here, one idea would be to cover the rise of the internet, it's modernization and commercialization, and then the current development of decentralized services like Hive (as well as the technologies they are all based on) - as well as the controversies, debates, and innovations of each of them.


Thanks as well to @starstrings01 the founder of Blogging Challenge Community and a leader in a few others, for inviting me in a great discord server where they take care of newbies in hive. For more details check the account @newbies-hive with a great support from @theycallmedan and other leaders in hive.


I talked as well about the movie with @cwow2 and he's ready help us promoting the idea and bringing us some attention, so we may find people who will participate in it and help in their creation. I promised to write detailed post about the movie and I will do it soon.

Here is what he said :

I am in digital marketing, so I could make somewhat of a strategy on what to include in the movie and how to capture an audience in the first few seconds.

So, you may say that we have a marketer and that's already a big progress.

I guess @lennyblogs00 will be very happy about that because we discussed with him how to build the community again and he was the first who joined to help rebuilding it !


I would like as well to write here about the progress we have now. The power we reached in hive and tribes.

All the details are in the following table :

HIVE181 Hive Power
CTP13 CTP Power
POB2 POB Power
LEO1 LEO Power
NEOXIAN17 Neoxian Power
BHT5 BHT Power

Those are the tribes where we will create our content and where we may collaborate with.

And we have new members who shared their introduction :

I am fullcoverbetting but you also can call me Peter :grin:
I write posts about everything whoch does interest me, mostly crypto faucet related (trying to build a crypto portfolio out of thin air, besides my main portfolio), sportsbetting, hive and life related posts.
I also have an account on Publish0x and
While I do appreciate upvotes, I for sure I do appreciate interaction even more!

Greetings to all, I'm Ahmed from Morocco. You can call me HDmed. I know the Blockchain Steem three years ago and I was the leader of the teammorocco team. The group was really great.
I love translating post and programs translating via the Crowdin platform, as well as publishing photographs. I also like to experiment with programs and websites based on the blockchain, maybe I will own one.

Hello, I am Emmanuel by name from Lagos Nigeria. Still a student and been on Hive for the past 3 years and I happen to run/manage two communities on Hive which are The Blogging challenge community and Hive Crossculture Community. I don't write on a particular niche, a little bit of all rounder. Here's my Hive profile below.

Those are the new members who joined us recently !


If you are interested, please join us here : DCooperation Discord Server


Thanks a lot to :

@spectrumecons , @brianoflondon , @captainhive, @iamjadeline, @dexpartacus , @pessal, @iansart and others who gave us the best upvotes in the previous post in hive !
@pixiepost , @pixelfan, @funnel , @nicolcron , @fullcoverbetting and others who gave us the best upvotes in ctptalk tribe.
@funnel, @onealfa.pob, @hdmed and others for giving us the best upvotes in proof of brain tribe.
@paulag, @shebe, @gidlark and other for giving us the best upvotes in leofinance.
And all those who supported in other tribes including broadhive and neoxian.


I'm sure we will all figure out how to build this community and make it useful for all blockchain authors and creators !


If we never give up about it, we may make it really great !

You are welcome to join us !


I am curious about how would a movie about the Hive be. There is curation in here, so I hope better movie ideas are incentivized, however I am skeptic as mostly all movies/documentaries I have watched about blockchains were just plainly bad, and I can't point out why, or how, but they were just not interesting. I hope the incentives of Hive make it interesting. There are people creating content daily, so eventually, we expect and invest in the idea that, the community will mature.


Yeah, we may take a long time to create it. I don't think that a curation needed there. Mostly those who like the blockchain will participate in it. It will be a project that benefit everyone in the community. From writers, to actors, to musicians, to everyone participating in it. Because we may have series of the movie, not only one. We may create reality shows, we may do a lot in fact. And I expect all those who participate will be supported by the community. When I see people visiting blockchain events, they make friends who support them. The same when participating in a movie. All communities and tribes will work on it. Everyone will be happy to participate. It's just not famous yet. I'm sure when we start working on it, we will see a lot interested in participating and helping, just for loving the community and the blockchain. All if we may find a sponsor who want to pay to those who will participate, that will be good. But again if paying, maybe there will be a fight about who gets how much, so I think working for the idea could be much better. There are already people interested in the idea and I'm sure we will find those who will work for it to make it true. I'm @clixmoney also doing that for free. I know that's a big work to do. But I'm ready to invest my time in such project. I enjoy the process !