Elon Musk Manipulating Twitter?


According to a report, Twitter's algorthim after its change started to promote tweets apparently above all other accounts.

It is further reported that politicians and researchers have been working for years on the integrity of civic spaces and warned about the social media platforms being used by the owners in changing public opinion or perception.

Source: Businesstoday

It further says that users are being bombarded with Elon Musk tweets by artificially boosting the display of his tweets by a factor of 1k, thus allowing for the "flooding" of feeds with Elon Musk's ideas. Even some users say, they still encountered Elon Musk's tweets despite blocking him (and many have blocked him).

According to Katja Munoz, research fellow at the German Council on Foreign Relations, Elon Musk is manipulating the platform to force engagement centered around him and his content. While to some these acts are alarming and funny.

Twitter has been used in the past in influencing national politics in many countries, the report further goes on to say.

While some think, his intentions ain't nefarious, he just needs attention.

What are your thoughts about this?

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