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Hello good day, Today I will be taking about one of the best food in South West of Nigeria, although it's been eaten by some other regions but south west Nigerias consume the food very well. I will explain some processes and steps to prepare the food. The soup is a thick soup and from the seed of a melon, the seeds can be Goten from the market and it's not costly. There are some who sell the seeds as a whole or they grind themselves and sell with milk tin. And this comes in different sizes. In preparing the Egusi soup, just cut some goat meats According to the desired sizes and put some dried fish as you wish, also put some salt and add some onions which is being chopped roughly, also add like 2 cubes of Maggi and water, add some chile pepper, dried shrimps, dried crayfish, like 2 cups of melon seed,add spinach as you wish,palm oil and vegetable oil. After I have mentioned some of the ingredients needed. I will start by explaining how to cook or prepare it.

Put the washed goat meat in a pot and make sure the dried fish is washed thoroughly and add to the pot. Also add one onion and salt to taste and also like 2 cube Maggi cubes. Add like 3 cups of water and bring it high heat and make sure the heat is reduced and allow to simmer for 30 mins, now, add some of the chile pepper and left out onion in a blender and add. Now scrape the onion mixed with pepper into a bowl and out on one side. Now put the shrimp, cray fish and melon seed into a blender and blend until a powder is being formed. Put in one bowl and put in a place, now squeeze the spinach very well and make sure the excess liquid is out. And after 30 minutes, the meat can be checked, and if you observed that it's still touch, more water can be added to he pot so that the liquid can cover the meat. Make sure you continue to cook till the goat is soft ,now add the onion pepper mixed and cook for another 15 mins. Now, reduce the heat to medium and add the melon seed that has been mixed. Cook for another 30 nina and add spinach. Cover and cook for another 15 mins

Pounded can be made from real yam.or by just mixing it in a hot water which is called poundo yam, this can be done by boiling some water and turn the heat to medium level and pour the poundo flour and mix thoroughly and when it's thicked, add some Hot water and finalize the stiring, and this van be served hot with the Egusi soup.

Big thanks for checking my blog out and hope you have a great day.