Cryptocurrency Spreading Through Our Everyday Lives...

Yesterday, Mrs. Denmarkguy and I were out running some errands in our local town.

Passing by an intersection somewhat slowly, I caught a glimpse of a small sign on the door of a Yoga studio... and managed to snap one quick photo (below):

"We now accept cryptocurrency!"

A Sense of... Vindication?

Whereas I have no question as to the growing reach of the Cryptosphere, seeing this small sign felt like a vindication of sorts... because it was an example of an actual everyday use case for crypto, outside the usual realm of crypto as an "exotic high risk investment."

This particular Yoga studio now accepts "Ethereum and all ERC20 tokens."

The reason I am personally happy to see something like this is because it gets back to the original promise of crypto as a payment system, rather than the current Wall Street "Greed is Good" circus that seems to dominate so much of the landscape.


Why I Worry...

I worry, quite often, about crypto's pervasive focus on every higher yields and returns as the primary reason for being involved. Why? Because it's unsustainable.

Why is it unsustainable? Because there's no underlying value proposition associated with it.

The reason I really like Hive is that there's actually a "something" here. Blog, Vlog, Gaming, Communities and so forth. There are reasons for people to show up, above and beyond simply "50% APY!" in bright neon lights.

And of you take a moment to sit back and really think about it... that "50% APY" that seemingly comes out of empty space is really not a whole lot different from the banks keeping the money printing presses running...


Yeah, I know, "Web 3.0.."

We're very fond using the term "Web 3.0" as the answer that explains everything to come... but last I looked, the tacos I am about to eat for dinner still have to come from "somewhere."

Meaning that — Web 3.0 or not — some version of the equation "units of EFFORT results in units of BENEFIT" still stands. We can denominate that in Bitcoin or in Shitcoin but the cost of the taco remains the cost of the taco.

And maybe I'm just old fashioned, but I still haven't been able to figure out how to remove the rumbling in my stomach with an NFT picture of a taco... I still need the actual taco in order to be happy.

Hence, the sign on the window making me happy... an actual application of crypto being used.

Thanks for reading, and have a great remainder of your day!

How about YOU? Seen any "we accept crypto" signs in local store windows? Do you see evidence of the spread of crypto OTHER than investing? What are they? Comments, feedback and other interaction is invited and welcomed! Because — after all — SOCIAL content is about interacting, right? Leave a comment — share your experiences — be part of the conversation!


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I think it will still be a while before people start more widely realizing how important it is to have alternative currencies. The inflation and bureaucracy surrounding the US dollar are becoming more and more apparent to the "normies," so we may be reaching the point where enough people see the problem and start looking for the solutions we already have. Crypto, precious metals, and perhaps foreign currencies will begin competing in the market if the dollar does start to seriously collapse, and one of the signs of impending hyperinflation will be the spread of these alternatives in the mainstream as a stabilization measure. Is it a guaranteed outcome? I don't know.