Sunday Reflection: The Challenge of "Showing Up Every Day!"

It is quiet in the house again; the kids have gone back to Seattle (see my previous post), and and life here resumes its normal routine.


I have always subscribed to the idea that much success can be built through a dedicated practice of "Showing Up Every Day," whether it's in pursuit of a personal goal, building a collection of something, blogging and writing, meditating, or getting/staying in shape.

"A little bit, every day" can get us a long long way!

But "Showing Up Every Day" isn't always as easy as it looks. Because... life happens. Meaning, that there are always things that come up and prevent you from being conveniently situated to *"show up."


Take this weekend. Our kids are staying with us for the weekend, and we are having "family time" and there's a birthday celebration. And I'm cooking, and playing with our daughter's dogs, and we're going to town a few times and...

... meanwhile, I am also participating in #HiveBloPoMo which is all about showing up every day because the fundamental premise is to publish at least one blog post per day for the month of April.

So one of the eternal challenges to the idea of "Showing Up Every Day" comes in deciding where your priorities lie. And, perhaps, in how to schedule your time around that inevitable fact that "life happens."

I typically need between one and three hours to create a blog post (that I can actually feel good about!), and it's definitely a no-go to excuse myself from a family game of "Cards Against Humanity" or the movie we're all watching together, just because I need to go write a blog post on Hive!


Where Are Your Priorities?

Although the "Showing Up Every Day" idea has always made sense to me, I am far from what you'd call a "relentless workaholic." Although my reality has always been that I needed to work hard, pretty much all the time... family, friends and people have always mattered far more to me than work or money.

In fact, I am pretty solidly in the "I work to live" camp, rather than the "I live to work" camp. I "work" purely because it seems to be the only (legal!) way to afford even the basic "stuff of life." Aside from that, I have no great love of work, nor of simply "being industrious."

In fact, I became an adherent to "Showing Up Every Day" primarily because I felt it might be the only way I could get away with "doing less" than an overwhelming and backbreaking dawn-to-dusk work schedule.


As it turned out, I managed to keep my HiveBloPoMo streak alive by taking advantage of the fact that the kids tend to "sleep in" whenever they come to visit... so there was a 90-minute time slot first thing in the morning to whip up a blog post... edit it a bit later and hit "publish."

Had that not been our reality, I would have let it slide. Because family movies and card games are far more important than some online challenge!

Anyway, hope your Sunday was "sublime" and have a great week ahead!

How about YOU? What are your thoughts on reaching goals and "showing up every day?" Do you prefer to accomplish in large chunks separated by downtime, or consistent smaller chunks? Comments, feedback and other interaction is invited and welcomed! Because — after all — SOCIAL content is about interacting, right? Leave a comment — share your experiences — be part of the conversation!


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Great photos and great challenge. My kids are all still pretty young, and most of them get up around 6:30am. I find that I have to get up before them (which doesn't always work out), or stay up later (since they go to bed at 8pm). I believe I show up every day in their lives since I homeschool them. Lots of time together, but sometimes I lose myself in the afternoon when they are playing outside. Have a great Sunday!


Hive certainly is no different than any other aspect of life. I am not sure why people think it would be different here.

Success requires a lot of things, often build around effort and work. Hence it is the same on Hive.

We need to show up and start engaging, posting, and getting involved. There are not shortcuts.

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