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So I don't know the full story behind this, and I've no intention of finding out. I'm always a bit dubious about self-appointed guardianship, though so posts in this vein which sadly I see a few of always arouse my interest.

There are, in my view, some problems with the current system. From what I gather, your route of appeal is via Discord which is not my favourite medium of communication. As you point out, an aggrieved is appealing against an organisation that is Police, Judge and Jury all rolled into one which cannot possibly be good.

Having said that, I find myself wanting to have a foot in both camps. If the community is going to run around slating the likes of Twitter et al. for censoring, banning and a whole host of other activities as a reason to "Join Decentralised Hive.........." then Hive really shouldn't be doing some of the same things.

I'm afraid I don't do fluffy nice but I do try to be fair and listen to both sides of any dispute and then make my own mind up and not what others think the conclusion should be.

I've done short paragraphs because I wanted to make succinct points. Sorry. 😊

P.S. I look at your comments tomorrow. It's getting on here in the UK and I've some other stuff I need to wade through.


Thank you for the acute and succinct response!

I find myself in both camps as well... Which shows that there is actually some middle ground that's less extreme, more friendly, and all around better in it's approach to the maintenance of our ever present security concerns on this blockchain.

There is a middle ground.

There is a friendlier way for all of us to human.

That way is to put the weight on the system rather than the human element which is fallible, often harsh, and often not quite on point in it's effectiveness.

It may even be quite dangerous. (When you consider police, judge, and jury all rolled into one... a definite red flag does pop up for me.)

But yes!

Have a look see when you have some time to do so.

I appreciate any sort of input of feedback you may have my friend.

Good luck "wading through" all those things that need to be wadded through! (I so know what you mean!)


@wil.metcalfe 🙌