Looking Beyond The Surface III


It's that time of the day/month/year again where the molecules in my head go on a rampage to discover and expose ancient fallacy that has been used to deceive us since time immemorial in the name of motivation. Like I always say, though this might liberate y'all from the shackles of mental slavery, it isn't my primary purpose. My primary purpose is to show off my mental capabilities and ability to think beyond the shores of human fallacy.

Enough of the intro, let's get down into real business. First on the list today is the lie that states that "One good turn deserves another". Sometimes I just wonder if the person that came up with this was from the stone age where there were no cars or ballet dancers. If you're conversant with automobiles, you'd definitely understand that one good turn is usually as a result of how well greased your steering is.

And that is where the comparison between Honda cars and Mercedes Benz ends. Honda will always disappoint you with turns while Benz is a turn boss. And with ballerinas, One good turn is a result of your waist's flexibility. That's why my mom's dream of becoming one never saw the light of day. So what I'm saying is that "One good turn is as a result of your car model or your waist's flexibility". Don't let anyone deceive you again.

Now please who was the evil man that conjured up the phrase that What doesn't kill you makes you stronger"?. Now imagine that you were about to cross the highway and you saw a big truck heading your way and you just step on the road, not to be hit by the truck, but to be brushed by its side mirror. That most definitely will not kill you, but how does it make you stronger please?

These people really thought us fools and unable to think for ourselves. To think this has endured centuries without anyone raising the obvious objections. Imagine being stabbed on the hand and expecting it to make you stronger, or being being hit in the head with a plank and expecting that it will make your head stronger. In truth "What doesn't kill you will deform you or add your name to the PWDs list".

Now let's talk about the one that says "Don't bite the hand that feeds you". I actually find this one funny though. I don't know if it's me, or others have actually bit their mom's nipple while she's breastfeeding you. That little hiss sound. My mom used to make that sound when I bit her nipple, jerk up and flash my dad a little seductive smile. You might wonder how a baby got to know all these things, but I wasn't just an ordinary baby, I was special!.

I never knew what that meant until I grew up and did the same thing with a few female friends of mine (not girlfriends. I'm celibate), and saw how they enjoyed it. Whenever I bite their hands when they're feeding me with food or when I bite their nipple when they feed me dessert, they always seem to enjoy it and see it as a preamble to more sweeter things to follow. I've heard them a couple of times talk about being turned on when I do that. Though I don't know what that means as humans don't have electric sockets.

Now you see how foolish that notion sounds. In fact the real thing should be, **"Always bite the hand that feeds you, but not too hard" **. If you're like me, you can add nipple to the sentence.

That will be all for now, I believe that I've opened up y'all brain and eyes to see the ancient deceit of time immemorial that have been used as scales to cover our eyes. I pride myself on being the tool to remove those scales, and till I cum again, Stay Woke!!

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This series is revealing hidden truths, thanks for showing off your mental capabilities lol