Good day Family😇, I'm so so so sorry this is just coming. I actually planned to put this up earlier but somehow I've not been able to until now. So this is an appreciation post to everyone who made my 2021 on Hive a memorable one.


Firstly, I would like to appreciate God for the year 2021, for being my all throughout.

Secondly, I want to appreciate @code-redex for introducing me to this platform, I do not take it for granted. Thanks so much for your support thus far. I am grateful!

Before I continue, let me share the greatest challenge I encountered on this platform last year 2021💔. On the 8th of December, I made a post about a popular story in Nigeria and I took materials from a website without referencing the site. It was an error on my path and I thought that I didn't need to reference again because I had thoroughly edited the post in my own words. The next day I got a comment accusing me of plagiarism which was understandable, later all my incoming earning were taken and I was also blacklisted which explains why you see a downvote on all my recent posts. I learnt my lesson. This brings me to thank the second person I would like to publicly appreciate @starstrings01. When I got blacklisted, I ran to his inbox explaining what had happened and he advised me on how to handle the situation. Thanks a lot boss, for inspiring us,for correcting us and for rooting for our growth on this platform. Below is a screenshot from our chat.


Thirdly, my appreciation goes to you, yes everyone reading this post. Thanks for making my 2021 on Hive a memorable one. Thanks for upvotes, for the engagements e.t.c. I appreciate you dearly❤.

Cheers to a better 2022!🥂🥂


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