Oneup Weekly Operator Report For Splinterlands | Chaos Legion General Sale Overview + Airdrop Cards Revealed!!!


Splinterlands Weekly Operator Report


Welcome to the Splinterlands weekly report for the #oneup @cartel-monster account. This is a weekly report where I detail the progress we have made on the account. It goes over what tournaments we played in as well as how we did in ranked and how much we earned for the week.

End Of Season Rewards

Cartel rewads.png

These were our end-of-season rewards another mediocre opening as we only got $ 1.058 in value from the cards. We did however take home 485 DEC which is a little better. RNG is RNG so something is better than nothing but you can always hope your gonna get that GFL or 2000 DEC drop. We again finished in diamond 3 getting 40 reward chests.

DEC Rewards


Sunday4700 DEC27 DEC7 Commons$0.203
Monday1483 DEC10 DEC6 Commons, 1 Rare$0.285
Tuesday585 DEC18 DEC5 Commons$0.239
Wednesday1083 DEC7 DEC2 Commons, 1 Rare, 1 Epic$1.156
Thursday488 DEC5 Commons$0.217
Friday324 DEC2 DEC4 Commons, 1 Rare$0.290
Saturday579 DEC24 DEC4 Commons, 1 Rare$0.187
SUB-TOTAL9242 DEC88 DEC33 Commons, 4 Rares, 1 Epic$2.577

It was the new season again so we cleaned up on Sunday and Monday respectively. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were carryovers from the last season still so not as much DEC gained those days as the reward pool was very low. Tuesday was a bit quiet as didn't grind out as much that day just the daily quest and then moved on to the next day.

The cartel gained 9242 DEC for this week along with 33 commons which is quite a bit of reward cards. These reward cards as cheap as they are now will not be like that forever so it is just a matter of time before those cards have tremendous value to them.

This season was tougher as well for some reason didn't go on as many win streaks as last season but still had some good runs here and there. At any rate, the cartel is still making good profits from this account and will continue to do so going forward.



DateEntry FeePlacingPayouts
01-11-2225 SPSNo Placement-
01-12-2215 SPS19th Place20 SPS
01-13-2215 SPS35th Place100 SPS
01-14-2210 SPS12th Place100 SPS
01-15-222.5 SPS17th Place5 SPS
01-15-2210 SPS41th Place50 SPS
01-16-221 DEC4th Place20 OPG
Sub-Total77.5 SPS, 1 DECAvereage Placement: 21275 SPS, 20 OPG

Our tournament operator @usamaro competed in 7 tournaments as well placing in all but one of them. For the total of 77.5 SPS the cartel made 275 SPS before splitting it 3 ways 33% for the operator 33% for the cartel and 33% for Flauwy who has provided the cards and some of the buy-in fees to these tourneys.

Overall a very good showing and this will only increase as the cartel builds up the account even more through the market. Soon we will have chaos legion cards to compete in the modern tournaments as well as the modern format for ranked in the future.

This means even more rewards for the cartel as there will be two pools of rewards every season. It is still not known when the modern format will be officially released but I figure it will be after this season ends as the general sale is now live.


Chaos Legion General Sale

The chaos legion general sale went live this week as well and was a massive success. The site held up fantastically other than a small issue with credit purchases but other than that it was smooth sailing. The first day saw an amazing 2,109,682 packs sold and another 231,746 being acquired as bonus packs. That is over 8 million dollars in sales in a single day well done Splinterlands.

This was the biggest amount of sales and revenue gain for the team as a whole and saw more transactions in one day than the past two years combined. The cartel also bought 700 packs and received 105 bonus packs as well.

We will keep them sealed for a year collecting airdrop points and then figuring out what to do with them when the time comes. We will look to build our chaos legion deck up from buys on the market as the prices are very low right now and is the better option currently.

Packs can be fun to open and yes you may get a gold foil legendary but the average pack worth is minuscule to the price to open. Collecting SPS through all the airdrop points and buying through the market is a much better option to max out your collection.

New Airdrop Cards

With all those packs being sold in one day we will also be getting 3 new airdrop cards coming soon. They will all be legendary cards and have a 0.2857% of being dropped from each pack. So for every 350 packs purchased will guarantee one of each of these three new cards. Let's take a look at them below see how they look. The cartel will be securing 2 of each and hopefully more if RNG is with us.


First off we got Lira The Dark a 7 cost death-ranged unit that already looks to be fierce. This will be the first ranged card to have opportunity which is really interesting and will add for some interesting teams and plays. She also starts with snare and has good damage as well maxing out at 4 ranged attack 6 Speed and 6 Health with some amazing abilities to go alongside the opportunity and snare. She picks up swiftness at level 3 which further adds to her value as swiftness is one of the best abilities in the game giving all you monsters +1 speed is very helpful.


This was the next one to be revealed a 4 cost earth ranged unit going by the name Iza The Fanged. This will only be the second ranged card in the game that has sneak and scavenger as well. She has a low health pool staring out at only 3 health and not getting any boost to that when she is maxed but with the scavenger ability, she will gain a decent amount as monsters start to die off. She also picks up stun at level 3 which can always be helpful and adds to the other 2 earth monsters that have stun as well. Looking like she will fit right at hope in Prince Rennyn comps this will be a great addition to earth ranged setups.


Now we get to this guy....GRUM FLAMEBLADE and yes all in caps because you will be yelling for help whenever this guy enters the battlefield. When this guy was released the Splinterlands discord was on fire with people saying this guy is so broken and what the heck a non-gladius card with bloodlust. Well yes, folks it is true this will be the first card that is not a gladius card to get that ability. What is that ability well it gives you +1 to all stats when you kill a monster with him.

Already looking like a freak starting out with 4 damage 5 armour and 10 health at level one to go along with bloodlust and void armour this guy will be like the hulk deciding to go for a smash through the Splinterlands. He then goes even further beyond at level 2 and picks up void and then steps it up again and gets giant killer at level 3. Maxed out this hefty hulk is sitting at 5 damage 5 armour and a whopping 15 health. One drawback is obviously his speed only having 1 speed from level 1 to max... but I don't think that is an issue at all it will make him shine in reverse speed ruleset and you can easily get around that with a few things like swiftness. Also, think of this monster paired with Byzantine Kitty getting true strike a tank heal and +2 speed OMG he is gonna be a problem.

Out of all the airdrop cards that have been released or will be released this guy will have a solid place in the meta and will be giving people nightmares when he steps onto the battlefield. What do you guys think of this monster tell me in the comment section below whether I'm overreacting to him or what you think of him as well as the others?

(Grum In Action)

giphy (19).gif



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Amazing performance for the season brother! hahaha I just imagine a kid inside you screaming while writing and explaining GRUM FLAMEBLADE capabilities in game. Well done write ups brother!


Thank you for the great job as an operator, as well as the writeup that's a pleasure to read!

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The upcoming airdrop cards look fantastic!
I got a long ways to go before getting any of those :)
Great work to all involved in the cartel.


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