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Livestream Concert Party

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Hello everybody hope you are all doing fantastic, Recently I have discovered this amazing band The Midnight thanks to @zapf-brannigan listening to them on his stream. I have been hooked on them lately, they are synthwave superstars and I recommend checking them out ASAP.

They have some silky smooth vibes and an amazing positive message behind their music. Look no further than the song youth off their album kids, that song really spoke to me in a lot of ways because I feel it reflects my journey so far here on hive. I will link it here Song:Youth Artist:The Midnight please give it a listen and especially pay attention and listen at the 2:05 mark.

"If you look at society as simply the collective contribution of
Millions of human beings,
Who carrying themselves certain power and influence and emotion
And every time you turn the switch off,
Of one of those persons, you dampen the globe
It's the fundamental question of whether the society is going to find
A way to make itself as rich and as powerful,
And if you will as beautiful, as it potentially it can be"

When I heard that I couldn't help but think of Splinterlands and the hive community as a whole it and how this community is full of beautiful people that want to come together and help each other.
We are the society here and it is our job to make it as rich and beautiful as it truly can be.

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I recently found out that they are having a live stream concert on November 27th or 28th depending on where you are in the world for me it's the 27th at 9:50 PM MDT. I and @zapf-brannigan are planning to get together and hang out in the discord as we watch it live. After further consideration, I figured I would make a post and see who was all interested in coming as well.
You can DM in discord Drabs#6979 or reply to this post to let me know if you will be coming.

I still have to find a discord to have it I may host it in mine or another with good audio so we can all hang and have a good time. I will drop the link below as you will need to get a ticket they are 14$ but hey what's that when you get to hang out and listen to some bangers with #nosleepgang in the first-ever community concert party. Much love to all the people who are interested I can't wait to have an awesome time with you all.

Live from the @wiltern in Los Angeles
11/27 @ 8:50pm PT

Tickets on sale down below👇

— Veeps (@Veeps) November 9, 2021


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Great announcement thanks for the new music to watch listen too. I think there are some amazing bands out there that almost no one has heard.
That is too bad about the date I will be at Comic-Con in San Diego the whole weekend. I only live an hour's drive from LA so that would have been cool :-)