May 20th 2021 - Surviving the Cryptogeddon

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Is this the end? Are we in the bear market? Will our crypto bags be of any worth in near future or ever?

All those questions were asked by millions of people in cryptosphere yesterday. What was supposed to be land of unicorns and shiny happy people ordering Lamborginis for Christmas turned into nightmarish wasteland of shattered dreams, liquidations, debts that can’t be repaid, tables without food and heads without roofs over them.

Of course, if someone has entered the cryptosphere before latest bull run or even before infamous March 2020 crash, this situation might look and feel very bad, but as catastrophic as for those who entered few months ago. Rainy days are part of natural cycle, and that includes even the spectacularly rainy days like yesterday. As some, like Ivan on Tech, have been telling us for a long time, anyone dealing with cryptocurrencies has to be mentally prepared for such occasions. Which also includes certain real life preparations that should allow you to have peace of mind. Like, regularly taking some profit while your bags go up and thus not worrying about food on the table or possible opportunities to buy larger dips.

This is the lesson of today some will certainly apply tomorrow or when the next bull run starts.

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