November 12th 2021 - Local Globalisation


source: Wikimedia Commons

With COVID-19 pandemic and recent troubles with supply chain, many might be tempted to say that the process of globalisation has received serious, if not mortal, blow. However, while many businesses and many economies indeed got hit, there were those that actually thrived. None such example is telling as the big boom of online delivery services, which benefited from people’s inability to enter shops and restaurants in person during long lockdowns.

This trend hasn’t escaped Croatia, country which, until recently, had permissive COVID-19 policies compared with other European countries (mainly motivated by the fact that the tourism was only thing that kept national economy afloat). Even before the pandemic country had widely popular local online delivery services, especially active in capital city of Zagreb and other major population centres.

The most popular of such service was, founded in 2008. In 2019 Croatian market was penetrated with two major global online delivery services – Spanish-based Glovo and Finnish-based Wolt. Earlier this year, was purchased by Glovo together with Donesi, similar online delivery service active in neighbouring Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro. Most recently, Wolt has been purchased by California-based Doordash.

So, the customers in relatively small country like Croatia are going to have very local service of delivering goods produced in very local entities like restaurants and grocery stores provided by major global brands. Obituaries for globalisation have been, at least in this area, rather premature.


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