RE: Is This Maybe The One Good Thing That Came From Covid?

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Ok just tagged you in the post hehehehe

And the way...

I LOVED your cover image for this post heheheh

And what you said about me sending something was on your mind...hehehehe yeah... I can do that sometimes online!

Actually...quite often online 😂😂😂😂. I'm just very sensitive to things like that hahaha

And yes I knew you were here!!!! Cuz we actually have been talking!

But you weren't "here"
Just like your daughter said! Hahahahaha

And I do remember the things you've shared in dm... believe me...I know what you mean.

I want to say "don't will be ok"

But that is such a trite saying... Even when we know ultimately it WILL be ok!! But in th meantime, I just want you to know that what you're feeling is completely valid....but at the risk of sounding trite...I KNOW it will be ok. I have faith that more is coming. I want it now and I get impatient...not just for me but I often find myself saying .."Lord...for the sake of everyone involved... Please soon?"

But He knows my heart and He hears and I believe the plan is already in motion and...I'll share a verse with you in dm that He just laid on my heart just now...cuz I wanted to talk to you in dm anyway!!! Hahahaha

We have our meeting today so maybe right after that, you and I can talk in dm too...

Anyway. .thank you for your big reply back! Hahahaha

Hope you like the spinoff post! Lol


Thank you for the tag, I appreciate it!

I'm glad you loved the cover image I've used. It was taken right next to the Umkomaas diving school.

Thank you for your encouragement and support. I don't take it lightly what you say and I am standing on it with you and I also believe it will be okay!

And I know that feeling of being inpatient all too well!! I constantly have to remind myself..."not my time but in His time! Because His time is always the perfect time!"

And "for everyone involved"...Amen to that!!

But as you say, I also believe (I know) He hears and I agree, the plan is in motion!

Don't forget to share that verse with me that you mention here. I've checked the dm but don't see it yet...

Oh...and I really loved your spin-off post. It is so accurate and so true. The bigger chain businesses and restaurants normally just bull-dozer over everything and everyone and it's just cold hard business. Then in times such as these...yes, they take a knock and feel the pinch, but they normally stand a better chance to survive.

But once it's over, they just steamroll ahead again. And the employees hardly ever get treated like human beings, they are just numbers in a moneymaking machine! And as you say, they must take the flack from both ends.

Whereas with the family business and restaurant, there is that warmth and friendliness. There is more personal interaction and caring.

It is like you say, you don't want to see them going under...but it's just different. I've been telling Elmarie on more than one occasion when we hear about some of these big corporations getting into trouble of even going under... I feel so sorry for the employees who will be affected by this, but the main "peanuts" sitting at the top...I often can't get myself to feel anything for them...

May I be forgiven if I'm wrong? It's not that I wish anything bad on them or that I enjoy their misery...not at all. I just don't feel anything for them for I know how they often mistreat other people. So to me, it's more a matter of "when it's your turn it's your turn". It's about reaping what you have been sowing.

It might come back in a different form, but if you sow misery into other people's lives, somewhere, somehow, it's going to come back...

Wow, now I'm going on even more than in my actual comment in your post...maybe I was tired last night...LOL!!

But like you...I suppose you can see I really enjoyed your spinoff!

Speak to you later in dm today...