Hello, brave warriors of the Splinterlands! The long-awaited weekend has arrived and this morning I decided to take part in a new round of the weekly BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Challenge and try some strategies under the AIMLESS rule with which cards deal damage to random targets.

Contrary to my enthusiasm, there were no battles with this rule. Not at all. Three hours of fighting and a pretty low ERC didn't make me happy, but persistence is one of my good habits and I waited patiently for my chance.

The first attempt wasn't very successful - I got an opponent with one card, which I simply ripped apart in one round. Then I got an opponent with level 6 cards against my third, and lost in a couple of rounds, but then a couple of fights happened that were quite interesting, and in one of them, despite my mistake in choosing a summoner, I got the best out of it.

So in that battle, with 42 mana, I got a combination of Back To Basics and Aimless, and got an Earth opponent with a level 4 Obsidian Summoner.

So, my lineup:


I was counting on my opponent to pick a couple or three archers, and this draughtsman's ability to give Return Fire to allied cards seemed like a good idea. Given the chaotic attacks, it might have worked out for the best.


Among the strong Life elemental cards, I think this monster is one of the most powerful. Two types of attacks, strong health, and a large shield are the perfect combination for a tank, despite the high cost of summoning.


I decided to focus on magical attacks and the first to go was this legendary card, which, accelerated by the summoner, becomes a very effective weapon for ranged combat.


The third position I gave to this mage, which has an excellent shield and thanks to its high speed it often dodges enemy attacks. In addition, I was pleased with the chance to attack first and inflict significant magical damage on the enemy.


This mage is one of the classic (and very underrated in my opinion) cards, and despite its lack of abilities it can contribute to the attacks on the enemy, and it would be interesting to see how long it can hold up.


Completed the combo with my favourite elemental Life archer. Very fast, with relatively little health, but also very dangerous!

By the beginning of the second round, a well-coordinated attack by enemy mages took out my BILA THE RADIANT, but I managed to inflict tangible damage on my opponent and set the stage for the following rounds.

During the second round I managed to remove the enemy UNICORN MUSTANG and GOBLIN PSYCHIC from the battlefield, and on the first turn of the third round they were joined by KHMER PRINCESS.

In the fourth round I achieved a numerical advantage, and the main question was how long my first pair of cards would last :)

In the fifth round, I lost my KRALUS, but the remaining mage and archer did a great job with my opponent's last card and brought me the victory :)

Watch The Battle

It's very satisfying to come out victorious in battles with a really strong opponent and I'm certainly happy to share this combat experience.

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