Splinterlands Diary 10.01.22 - Naga Assassin

Hello friends, the first working week of the new year has started, the mood after the long weekend is great and today over a morning coffee I passed daily quest (Stealth Mission), got to the league Gold II and received the following rewards:

Naga Assassin very good and fast archer elemental Dragons for battles with little mana, so I'm very pleased with the catch and spent a couple of battles, with pumped card :)


Along the way I bought myself another Chaos Legion Pack, to increase my chances of getting a couple of new cards in the coming airdrop.

One rare card fell out, but it's much nicer to level up my Disintegrator, which has helped me a lot in battles with strong opponents and lowered their attack level.

For the next couple of days I'm going to climb up into Gold I league, and continue to add to PIZZA:DEC and SWAP.HIVE:DEC pool on Tribaldex to increase my passive income, and hopefully the game tokens won't rise too fast.

Sometimes it's better not to rush :)

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