Splinterlands Diary 13.01.22 - URIEL THE PURIFIER

Hello friends, today was the long-awaited airdrop of new cards for the purchase of Chaos Legion packs and I, alas, had no luck. After buying almost 40 packs I got nothing, so the day's quest was very frustrating.

Finished it in a Gold II league and got an extremely modest reward - a couple of regular cards and some DECs.


Driven by curiosity, I rented URIEL THE PURIFIER for a week, did a few battles, and I must say - this card is pretty damn good! Sure, the summoning is pretty expensive, but the way this knight crushes enemies is fantastic.


For example, in this fight with 99 mana and Equal Opportunity, I put him in 5th position to get him charged up before the attack and make him last through the fight, and it worked really well. The enemy cards came out one by one, and URIEL THE PURIFIER showed off in all its glory.


Definitely worth saving up some DECs to buy this spectacular fighter :)

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