Splinterlands Diary 14.08.22 - Captain Katie


Hello friends, the adventure in Splinterlands continues and last night another round of Guild Brawls ended, where I fight for the Splinterlands.Ru team.

I won 7 out of 8 battles and most of them were fought in my favorite Earth element, however one of them was Life and I have to say I'm really happy about how Captain Katie proved to be a gladiator on the battlefield.

Her powerful attack and Snipe and Bloodlust abilities make her one of the strongest Gladius fighters and I can't wait to level her up again so I can terrify my enemies :)

So, for this fight I chose the following lineup:

  • General Sloan summoner to use level two and three cards.
  • Chaos Knight on the first position, to protect my mages, and thanks to Shield it should be able to hold out for a long time.
  • Stitch Leech to attack the enemy's rear. I'm very happy with the fact that this card has good speed and attack options for a relatively low cost to summon.
  • Captain Katie is in the third position for destroying the enemy's rear, and I really hoped that she would quickly "pump up" thanks to Bloodlust's ability.
  • Completing the combo is Time Mage. A very fast mage with a great ability to slow enemy cards. I really needed a head start on the attack.

My opponent chose Fire, and I often use a combination of the sturdy Living Lava and the fast attacking Serpentine Spy myself, but my choice was very good. The mage slowed down the opponent and increased the misses, the gladiator increased her speed and attack, so on the third turn it was clear that even losing Chaos Knight won't stop me from winning :)


Happy to share my experience and today I'm going to buy some Chaos Legion Packs by exchanging some tokens I earned at Listnerds and still keep building up my shares in PIZZA:ONEUP and SWAP.HIVE:SPS pools. Passive income is cool :)

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