Splinterlands Diary 29.12.21 - Legendary Void Dragon

Hello friends, today I'm playing in the league Gold II, the daily quest for the element Water is very difficult, but bought another Chaos Legion Pack was pleasantly surprised by the fact that it was a Legendary Void Dragon.


With a cost of 5 mana this card has a small attack, but very good parameters of speed and health, so I decided to try it in battle immediately.

My strategy was to have a powerful mage attack, so I backed up Void Dragon with Black Dragon gaining health, Ruler of The Seas dealing damage to multiple targets, and completed the combo with the Djinn Oshannus.

As expected - the opponent put a lot of strong archers, so after breaking his "tank" there was no doubt in victory :)



Satisfied with that, I went to Hive Engine, swapped some tokens for PGMs and bought some vouchers to buy some Chaos Legion packs for my friends for the New Year. Did you ever think that might make a great gift?

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