Bad Attitude in Life equals Plagiarism in Hive, you get muted, blocked, blacklisted and remain Auto Downvoted


Living in a world like this, so bad and wicked, regards to them that are higher and advanced has seized from the minds of people.

when it comes to this kind of situation that men and boys need money, insults becomes inevitable, everybody strives to make it and so men don't respect boys, and they do obviously don't respect themselves and vice versa. But when it comes to age and maturity, to me it differs.


I have seen for myself that maturity is not in age and age doesn't imply seniority. People have abused privileges with this issue of attitude. I mean why can't we control our ego and fury when we are angry.

I witnessed a scene yesterday in my neighborhood, between an elderly woman and a young lady.

According to the reaction of the people around the area, it was said that the young lady insulted the old woman. That didn't offend me because most old people do that a lot around us, but when I listened to the story about this, I was mad and I could see myself react to the situation without talking.

It was said that the woman was cleaning the dishes and then was about to throw the water off, but the lady walked by and mistakenly the dirty water poured on her. The woman quickly apologized to her being that she did not view or see her coming. Please is that not what a mature woman would do, taking responsibility for her action? But the young lady never accepted the apology and started abusing the woman for her action, but the woman kept on apologizing


At some point, the woman stopped and later gave her the word for her life, because she could no longer take the insults from the lady. It later became more of battering words, like exchanging slaps or punches. So the woman gave her a word and she went back inside.


The question is, what was the word?
Ans: A strong word.."It will not be well with you"

Please tell me, is that not even bigger than the punishment you get on Hive for plagiarism? hahaha

You see, later now in the future, she will be crying of bad lucks everywhere, forgetting what had happened. See, no matter how blessed you become in time, that spoken word will hold at some point, whether you believe it or not.

It's so blatant that humans are so annoying at times, but the place of age must be respected. This is the same way others have lost and become useless in life.

Please let our attitude not hinder us from our blessings tomorrow, that doesn't mean you shouldn't have attitude, but try to control it. To that lady, I pity her because she has invited Hivewatchers to her life, and will so get it in due time.

Life is sweet and must be enjoyed but let your attitude be pleasant.

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