FTX Got You Down? No Problem Hive Has Your Solution! DEX or CEX... Do You Still Trust Them?

Hive - Your Keys = Your Crypto

Why Still Trust Centralized Exchanges Like FTX & Binance?

FTX was the 2nd largest Centralized Exchange (CEX) and laundered money from U.S. Taxpayers & used the war in Ukraine for swindling donations with large donations going right back to the U.S. Government proving how corrupt CEX's can be.

Do you want your funds to be held in Bitcoin & Ethereum? You put it in FTX or other CEX & they lend it out, donate much and steal more while a DEX you actually bring the price of Bitcoin & Ethereum up with your support holding those tokens in your Hive Wallet.

Remember your keys = your crypto, I have tried to warn many of trusting the CEX's and will continue as they steal the funds of innocent investors.

Cryptocurrencies were not created for any centralized entity to be able to lend out your assets or you might as well stick with a bank.

Come create a wallet for 1,500 NEOXAG at The City (cost is less than $0.75 USD)

Screenshot (2654).png
(Hive financial infographic meme)

Other ways to create your Hive Wallet

Hive Onboard

Psyber-X Discord (limited amount free for streaming gamers)

Staking HIVE earns 2.8% interest and upvoting content can average another 8-9% to your APR.

Want to buy Psyber-X Alpha Assets at more than 50% Discount & Even Use a Credit Card if Desired? Visit my post here at this link & reply with a comment or find me in the Psyber-X Discord link above to make an offer. (Troy G in discord) Very limited time and availability, I won't be desperate very long.

Learn more about Psyber-X by joining the Discord link above and looking at Official Announcements & Official Links channels and view the Psyber-X blog at this link

There you will also see This Meme Contest where 20,000 LVL & 10,000 MEME tokens are up for grabs for 2 more days.

Thanks for visiting my blog, join us on Hive also for the censorship free blogging like this short article earning me several cryptocurrency rewards and no censorship.

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Nothing beats 🔐HIVE. More than a crypto, more than a decentralised platform, its a whole new world, a community. Literally too good🔥 Very helpful infos.
You spoil us with gifts, I would get in the Contest right away🤘
Thank you Mr Troy🫂