Troubled in small town- Troubled by good



Small Town had been dealing with a crisis for some months now. The had been beheadings of those from Big Town. It was becoming so frequent and had spread across social media.

Anyone who was seen to be affiliated with Big Town had also been killed. The most recent, an Orthodox Healer was gunned down in the streets because he was in the vehicle with the colors of Big Town

With Small Town elections coming up all the sick had been sent home to be cared for by their loved ones, only the critical ones who would die in seconds if their life serum was not given to them were kept back.

Senior healers went home to hide with their families but I had to be there to give the life serum to the sick.

I was giving the serum to the sick when a new case came in. I had tried to contact the senior healers and no one would pick my distress call.

The child's eyes were already filled with blood and he was gasping, he could no longer create liquid waste from his body and he would have died if I did not act soon.

I finally got a call from my superior informing me that after the lockdown I would be handing over my license for black listing.

I think he would have preferred if I let the child die.