What sleep deprivation will cost me



The truth is I'm yet to find out. But I did this to myself. Now I'm sneaking in 30 minutes naps at a time when I am supposed to be engaging.

What did I spend my time doing?

Yesterday, I was supposed to be in the clinic and do a blood transfusion at the same time in the ward. It is a 10 minutes bike ride to the clinic and I got there super exhausted. My consultants were already on my case about my absence or at least my registrar made it seem that way.

He left so many missed calls you would think I could divide myself into two. There is supposed to be a second House Officer working with me but he is doing his children's Emergency rotation.

I should have replied to my comments yesterday

But I really wanted to see Red Notice. I mean just because I am a doctor doesn't mean I shouldn't have fun. I also have not studied in like 3 days for my exams and whether I like it or not time is going.

My plan is to leave this country by January 2023. I won't achieve that if I can't study and I constantly feel out of energy.

I will probably pay on the weekends

This weekend I will rest all I want after being on the call today and tomorrow. Last month, I had the least amount of calls in the department. I've been bracing myself up for the number of days this month. I knew I would eventually pay.

Wish me luck!

I'm going out for a 15 mins workout so I can have time to rest before going to work today.