splinterlands : start & newbie



I'm a newbie in this game ( #splinterlands ) and I just want to start it.

I started today and spent $10. This payment is mandatory to start the game and earn DARK ENERGY CRYSTALS ( #DEC ) , #SPS and cards.

Of course, I've seen a lot of #blockchain #games so far, and to be honest, I've not enjoyed any of them. I don't like them at all. The reason for this is the initial costs that must be paid.

But today, because this #game is supposed on #HIVE Blockchain and it is very #famous, I decided to pay this payment and start.

When I entered this game, I was given #NFT #cards. I started playing and got some #DEC.


Battle has begun. If I do this #battle, I can open the #quest, which gives me some #rewards in the form of DEC or NFT cards, and so on.

Well let me go ahead and test it to see what happens.

Wish me success and if you have experience of this game, I will be happy to guide me to grow faster.