See ahead into the future, act now in the present, heal and release the past.

Please don't get confused.

People will start yelling. It will get intense. Strong language will be used.

But where is the right place to direct that energy?

Serious question, because there are a few paths laid out for us, and more than one definitely seems like a trap.

The truth is, we must be leaders, leaders in our own lives. We do need to 'run to the hills', and decentralize, but we will also need positive models, inside sovereign nations. Food and firewood production will always be required (there is no future where we won't need food).

Reforming our governments happens by reforming our communities, its all related it is all vibrational.

But let's take something topical - the Arrest Trump attention magnet.

I must refer you to the estimable Mattew Crawford's blog, where he defines Parasocial Dunbar Hacking which opened my eyes to the tools they are using against us. Please read the article but I'll do my best to summarize:

Dunbar number refers to a number of people we can keep in our head (appears to be ~150). This includes slots for 'tribal leader' and 'enemy tribe leader' (and also many others, mother, child, lover etc). Donald Trump gets leveraged into the 'Tribe Leader' slot of many people's brains, or 'enemy tribe leader' slot of many other people's brains.

We are being Dunbar hacked, so to speak, through (para)social processes.

The postmodern 'viruses' are memetic. So part of the solution must be to create memes. ARC calls for 'a story'. We need a better class of memes!

We must 'build' - new communities, new cultures, new stories, new memes. We cannot just sit about and await what is coming to us.

Yes many/most people are guided by the general 'vibe' in the atmosphere, but that is why it is increasingly important to put out a distinctly positive, solution-focused vibe.

This repeats, over and over. I can have this conversation 100 times and it is important every time. Seeing what's coming is not enough.


Commenting under a recent Rounding the Earth Article about exactly what kind of traps are coming at us:


I try to be just spicy enough to try to wake people up. But there will always be armchair philosophers, more eager to type out predictions of doom than consider preparing now. No matter what you say to them, as witty as we can be, they will always have a 'Yeah but its so hard!' type of response.


So the public replies are not for them, but for those that read. As to who are the Krotons, a brilliant historical analogy, for that you will have to read Mathew's linked blog.

But my point stands tall:

If your 'we' is so weak, what conclusions can you draw?

I have said a few times that your survival will depend on a combination of two things - your ability to grow food and your relationship with your neighbors. One is a (not perfect) substitute for the other, you can go to extremes with either and neglect the other, but for most of use we will want a combination of:

Practical Skills
Good relationships with Neighbors

To the Practical Skill category I will add correctly identifying what is really going on in the world. Having the right story might really help after all....

TL;DR : Don't believe everything you (didn't) read


Freedom and Friendship


There is so much negativity these days. I don't think things are nearly as bad as the general vibe is telling us. That general negative vibe comes from the news and it is echoed and repeated throughout social media a billion times until just about everyone starts to believe it as truth. When we turn off the computer and go outside, talk to our neighbors and smell the cherry blossoms, we see that life is still beautiful and things are still good.