Something like a vacation is happening!

And I have my wife to thank for it. While I enjoy helping people do tasks and chores, she is happy to explore nature with an eye on observing the avian culture, that is birdwatching.

She pulls me onto nature trails that I have never even knew existed. Like this one:


This is us on the purple trail of a park that I used to frequent with family as a youngster, but we never even considered the purple trail, we always went swimming or fishing in one of the main water attractions. But my wife looked at the map and is all about the trails, thats where the birds are.

Its a great opportunity to see how the pros in the US run parks and trails, we hope to be as professional with our ECOBANK land which, as a beautiful nature reserve saw its first group of tourists without us at the end of last month.


We met some friends and hit up the Bong Recreational park in south eastern Wisconsin, this had a number of well organized areas for families to enjoy recreational activities, and of course there were birds as well, my wife got a great shot of the great Egret!

Speaking of egrets, just this morning we walking along and spotted what appears to be a young Great Blue Heron, I got a pretty good shot on my cell phone.


I was surprised to see one close enough for a cell phone shot! The bird guide says up to four feet tall which is what makes me think this might be a young one.


We were invited to the German Club annual picnic, which was a lot of fun, we ate smoked sausages and bratwurst, enjoyed some accordian music and talked with friends new and old. Cultural clubs like this are filled with (very interesting!) older people who are eager for younger blood to take an interest in the heritage and history, so we were warmly welcomed and had a great time.

Wherever we go, my wife keeps her handy dandy camera ready to spot and capture something interesting.


And incredibly when people learn we are from Colombia, other Colombians appear. US is a land of immigration, everyone is from somewhere, and like the cultural Germans, most cultures like to remember their history even while integrating into the melting pot.


Vacation has been treating us well so far. We are seeing family, getting new birds and monitoring and evaluating strategies used by ecological recreation management professionals in the US. While we can't wait to get home, the time here has been very productive, and fun.

Freedom and Friendship


Seems like your wife is the one who keeps your family intact with nature filling your lives with positive energy.

And incredibly when people learn we are from Colombia, other Colombians appear

It happens. We feel energetic and comfortable among alikes.

Wishing you very wonderful trip and a sound return to home.


Vacation is sure treating you guys well hehe... This was so interesting to read.

Didn't know that about egrets, that must really be a young one 😂 I laughed out loud when I read that.

It's always fun capturing beautiful things of nature, your wife is having so much of it with her handy camera obviously 😊

It was nice reading from you, actually got here from your mum's post 😁 I was curious of her son and you are another amazing one! Keep it up sir 😎