Sports Talk Social Curation Report for 2022-06-08


Hello and welcome to this edition of Sports Talk Social curation report. This is a small effort to bring to you the best posts from the sports community and also simultaneously awarding the content creator with a 90% upvote. This project is run by @eforucom and @somu04

Here is a list of all the posts which I have curated. I hope you will also find them helpful.

Author: @niallon11
Title: The highs and lows of sport.

You have to take the bad days with the good ones.It's always tough to lose a final. Or more specifiacally to watch your team lose a final.With that said there are good ways and bad ways to lose.It wa...
Author: @adhammer
Title: The Deshaun Watson situation is wild, Browns are down bad

Man, this story is pretty crazy! For about two years now, even before these cases/accusations against Deshaun Watson, there has been a lot of weirdness and frankly signs of questionable character surr...
Author: @diikaan

I remember some years ago when me and some of my friends were analyzing how football would be like when age catches up with the current two best players of the world, and they start fading away....
Author: @tfame3865
Title: Luiz Diaz: A player to watch out for during the upcoming English premier league season

I have been looking at some certain players and watching how they will perform next season. There is every tendency that next season or rather still the upcoming season will be filled with amazing sta...
Author: @kinab
Title: Mbappe, the talk of the town!

Supporters are everywhere. The world is too small. It only takes seconds for news to reach from one ear to another. The world of football is like any other sports world but the much support and discus...
Author: @wolfgangsport
Title: The Best MLS Players of All Time (Part 3)

G'day tribe. In the past couple days I've posted about the best MLS players of all time counting down from #10 to #4. David Beckham started the list and we had superstars such as Zlatan Ibrahimovic, D...
Author: @embassyclassic
Title: Funless Opening: Tiger Woods not playing Next week

Sometimes I think that personalities make sports what it is worth. Woods a widely known greatest golfer of all time and one of the most famous athletes in modern history has announced his intend...
Author: @zainalbakri
Title: Unggulan Indonesia Dikalahkan Pemain China

NASIB BAIK belum memihak pada Jonatan Christie. Salah satu pemain tunggal putra terbaik Indonesia ini harus menelan kekalahan dalam pertandingan 32 besar Indonesia Masters 2022 yang berlangsung di Is...
Author: @george-dee
Title: Managers showing favoritism among players.

I believe that some footballers get favored by their managers even at the cost of the club's or national team's success, it baffles me how players win the heart of their managers despite not performin...
Author: @sadfish
Title: 2022 FIFA World Cup Draw: Group design and Prediction

There are only 165 days to go! The alarms are ringing massively but what is about to happen is still contrary, anything can happen but the odds are set. Did you not start predicting already?The 2022 F...
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