Balinese Naming System

There used to be a naming system for Balinese

You must be wondering why there are the needs of the naming system on the Balinese culture? The system is caused by the caste system which I have been posted in my previous post . The idea is to differentiate person caste based on their first name. And then would later will affect the language that we will use when we talk to them.

  • The Brahmana Caste
    the Brahmana will always has a good place in the Balinese society as they are the one who responsible to lead all of the big ceremony in Bali. And those who born in this caste will always use Ida Bagus for man and Ida Ayu for woman in their name. Then it will changed again when they are already become holy priest though several process.

The late Ida Pedanda Made Gunung - one of the popular high priest in the modern era


  • Ksatria
    in this knight caste of Bali, they are using several name because there use to be several kingdom in Bali. Some are using Anak Agung or Cokorda or Dewa or Gusti according from which Kingdom they are from. While the lower rank in the kingdom area usually using the Gusti for their name.


Anak Agung Putu Jelantik - One of the King from Buleleng Kingdom int Northern Part of Bali

  • Waisya
    In this caste they are usualy using Ngakan, Kompyang, Sang, or Si but ther names are almost gone and simply just using the naming from the Sudra caste as they were used to be a mix marriage from these caste.

  • Sudra
    As the lowest caste in the Balinese system, the naming from the Sudra caste are simple, they are using I or NI man and woman respectively. Then it will followed by the sequence of birth in the family.

Its quite elaborate to think that there is a system for a name in Bali, but its the culture. Is there any naming system in you place?


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