Returning With a Might: Setting Up Milestones for a New year

Hi everyone I am joyed to be back online after a long time of absenc.

In my little time of absence, I have come back to notice some amazing mind-blowing innovations that have taken place here and am super excited to be back again. I know some persons might be thinking that am a sluggish fella and that's alright cause every person is entitled to his or her own piece and if you agree with me sometimes people got to go to come back better.

The innovations on the Sportstalksocial site are totally amazing and I really want to take this time out to give a shout-out to all who are the brains behind this.

Staking has always being my thing from the beginning because I am more of a futuristic person. I believe the future holds something better than the present so I would always invest for tomorrow.

I actually don't have much to say but below are screen shots of staking I did some hours ago preparing for 2022.

If you go through the pictures carefully, you will realize that I had to let go of other tokens for the real deal. You know I call SPORTS the real deal because it is just a matter of time the whole blockchain sphere will be bulling with SPORTS on the rise so I can't take this opportunity for granted.

Selling off COM for SPORTS

My Children wouldn't come and ask me dad what were you doing when others were going crypto.

Unfortunately, the things we cleve to sometimes are the very things that is refusing our upward movement saddly most of us do not know about it.

All thanks to the hive engine corporation that has offered people like me the opportunity to join the community of influence through the possibility of staking our tokens.